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"I enjoy working at a company where my input is welcomed and appreciated. I feel I am a valuable member of a team. And I enjoy being well compensated (money, respect and a good work environment) and for interesting and challenging work. I've been in the industry for over eleven years and my time here at Pro-Comm (four and a half years) has definitely been the best."

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Louie H. [10/24/01]

Pro-Comm has quite a unique group of employees. I enjoy the company of every one of them. It seems that the moral of everyone is high. Everyone is excited about coming to work and enthusiastic enough for an entire team of military, "Recruit Division Commanders." It is a pleasure to work for a team this excited and dedicated to excellence.

Jonathan [04/20/03]

Pro-Comm, Inc. has a history of a strong foundation of commitment to its customers and employees; It is very rewarding to be one of the contributors as well as one of the reapers of this. I enjoy working in a relaxed, yet professional atmosphere, where my thoughts and contributions to the company are valued and compensated. The friendliness and willingness to go above and beyond that I experience from my teammates is abundant and sincere. I love my job in the Human Resources department; I get to meet every new person who joins our team, as well as interact closely with existing teammates. I can???t think of another place I???d rather be working at. J

Tina S. [04/24/03]

I enjoy working at Pro-Comm for a number of reasons. We have an awesome threesome of owners that put great effort into making Pro-Comm a great place to work. My co-workers are awesome. We have great respect for each other which is hard to find in a work environment; usually you have a hand full of people who think they are better then the rest, but we are fortunate not to have that in our team. Go team Pro-Comm!

Liz W. [05/13/03]

There are many reasons I like working for Pro-Comm. We have the desire to be the very best we can be. We have a great environment to work in. I like everyone's sense of humor and how we are a team and we are always in the game and not on the sidelines.

Lindy Y. [06/05/03]

I've been employed here at Protection & Communications, Inc. since 1990 and, ever since day one, feel very fortunate to be here. I like that I am never bored and can be challenged at times. By showing interest and taking the initiative, I have been given opportunities to expand my knowledge and use them within the company. As long as you give 110% productively and efficiently then you will certainly be taken care of above and beyond what is normally expected from an employer. Yes, I am speaking from experience and really appreciate all Pro-Comm has done for me. Thank you!

Diane D. [11/18/03]

Working for Pro-Comm over the last several years has been an enlightening experience. Going to work should be something you enjoy, or at the very least not something you dread doing, and being employed by Pro-Comm has made me see that. It also helps to feel like you are a part of the Team, and working for a company that allows you speak your mind without worrying about repercussions really opens up a creativity in the staff that allows for a company that is willing to change and try new things! We employees here at Pro-Comm respect each other, and that respect transfers on to our customers!

Lyle W. [1/12/04]

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