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Mirror TV's

Have you thought about your bathroom and getting ready in the morning, and turning on the news to watch through your mirror? This is now real and can happen!

We do this in many environments, from Family Rooms to Wine Tasting Rooms to a Master Bathroom! You can now use mirrors to accent any area AND also have it double as a TV! LCD screens mounted behind the glass, and note this product is specific, it utilizes White Glass which is uncommon in most applications. Typically you will see green colored glass or even brown colors, but White Glass refers to NO Color which allows the brightness of HD technology to appear through the glass!

Use your mirror to accent a room, even consider using COLORED glass to help accent colors in your room and still have your LCD come through ONLY WHEN YOU WANT TO SEE IT!

This is a TV that is designed as only a slim line display which allows the Mirror/TV to be flush against the wall or even recessed should the design require it. We can do up to 20' panels of mirror or as small as you can imagine, so a 7' screen? Maybe an 80" Screen? Call for assistance with your design!

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