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Using the words `home automation' can be dangerous, or enlightening, however you look at it. Dangerous if you were to try and place a value on it, without the knowledge of the specifics of what is automated? Enlightening, therefore might come after you do know, maybe not. Automation features by Pro-Comm are better described with the single word... integration. The use of existing and future technology are what we utilize for one major reason. We want to design a system for you, automating the features you want or need, and be able to tell you that ``Yes, it will work.", rather than, ``Yes you can feel comfortable knowing this will work, oh, 7 out of 10 times." We specifically like to utilize existing control applications, with use of custom `touch screen systems by CRESTRON and RTI.

Would you like certain lights to come on just by opening a door or disarming your alarm system? Maybe your automated shades go up or down based on the temperature in the home or the lighting outside? Maybe checking your temperature on your cell phone while vacationing through Europe? Maybe someone is to stop by your home and will need access while your away, go ahead and open the garage door, disarm the alarm and turn on the lights for them, all again from your cell phone or over the internet? Would you like your driveway to annunciate that someone is walking or driving down the driveway, via lights flashing or maybe a special sound to come via local speakers in the home?

What is our job? We must be aware of the vast arrays of possibilities, the proper systems to use to achieve the desire, but most importantly to know and understand that ‘just because you can do something, is NOT a reason to design something. Our over 25 years of experience is here for you to access this information. We will work with you, beside you, and work to understand your desires and wishes, as well as to forecast what things you will need or wish for in the future. We have been through the evolution of buying ‘vaporware’ (products manufacturers say will be available when they are not, or those products that do not truly live up to the specifications published. Again, our experience is here for you.

So Automation, is the steps an Integration system performs by joining technologies in the home.

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The Latest Technology also means that there is a small learning curve for our clients. Our higher end projects must include a free demonstration of the systems, to specifically limit the learning time for our clients!

A comment from one of our customers:
Daniel - I just wanted to check in with you as I know you guys have been working almost exclusively with my wife Danielle. We just wanted to thank you and your folks for doing a great job on our system. There have been a couple of little things that we've worked/are working with you guys on, but overall we love what you've done. I fiddled with the lights some last night (figuring out how the dimmer works, and learning to operate them from the remote control) and I also played a bit with the TV (figured out the surround sound). It's great stuff. I'm looking forward to a good lesson from you or one of your folks at the right time. Thank you very much.

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