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Welcome KCIS Radio listeners, and our other possible future clients, too! You've heard about our FREE ALARM OFFER and here it is.

This alarm package provides you, your home and family simple, reliable alarm protection, with absolutely no cost up front ??? including professional installation ??? an $850 value. How can we do this? Of course a security system is only as good as the monitoring, and we set you up with the best, and charge you less than the competition!

Please don't wait until you you've been broken into or had a fire before getting protected, we want you to be protected now. Give me, Rick Strauss, a call right now on my direct line at 1.800.774.9099 ext. 103 (I am out of the office a lot so should you leave a message I will be promptly paged with your message and I can return your call!). I will not pressure you to buy anything you don't want ??? and I'd be happy to walk you through the system at your home. My number again is 1.800.774.9099 ext 103. Or if you prefer, CLICK HERE TO EMAIL US.

Our FREE package consists of:

1 Lynx Panel/Keypad/Siren
1 Motion Detector
1 Wireless Key Fob (for remote arming/disarming)
3 Door/Window contacts
1 3 Year Monitoring Contract @ 34.95 per month

This is a great system, and it is upgradeable to meet your needs. One common addition is a Cellular Dialer, which allows Blackberry/iPhone/Android Cell Phones to communicate/control your alarm system from anywhere in the world! You can get displays like this photo of my alarm from my Android Cell Phone, total control from arming and disarming, to bypassing specific zones or any part of your system! You even get a text when the alarm is armed\disarmed or alarm activations, so you are kept aware of the current use of the system!

Please CLICK HERE TO EMAIL US or our office at 1.800.774.9099 and touch #0 the receptions will route your call accordingly

Thanks for taking a look at our offer, let us know how we can help!

"I'm so thankful we found Pro-Comm for our home security. In a situation where I felt uneasy, nervous, and unsafe ??? they took my anxiety away. From the first meeting, through the installation, to using the system on a regular basis ??? their service was flawless. The best part about it all???the first night we had the security system set, I slept wonderfully. No joke. That's the first time in 6 months I have slept without waking up in a panic or laying restless - Absolutely worth it. Pro-Comm has a Great team, great service, and a great product. We had a Great experience with Pro-Comm."

Please CLICK HERE TO EMAIL US or our office at 1.800.774.9099 and touch #0 the receptions will route your call accordingly
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