Alarm Monitoring Guide

We would like to take this opportunity to welcome you to Protection & Communications (Pro-Comm). The purpose of this web page is to acquaint you with our procedures and policies so that your interaction with us will always be quick and efficient.


Your Account Number is the most important piece of information to have available when interacting with Pro-Comm. All records for monitoring and accounting are tied to that number. The Account Number is a 6 to 7 digit number that is given to you at the time of the installation or hookup of your alarm system.

1 (800) 774-9099

24 Hour Central Station ______________________

System Account ____________________________


Your alarm system is monitored by The Alarm CenterThe Alarm Center is a U.L. listed central station. All testing or false alarm reporting should be done directly with The Alarm Center.


All information regarding your account is handled by Pro-Comm. If you need to change any names, phone numbers or response procedures, these changes should be made with Pro-Comm. To avoid mistakes, Pro-Comm prefers that these changes be made in writing to:

Protection & Communications
19630 – 40th Avenue West
Lynnwood, WA 98036
Fax (425)774-6307