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Are You Curious About Guest-Facing Technology for Hotel Amenities Rooms?


The world is always moving at a rapid pace, especially when it comes to technology. However, there are also times when simpler things are the way to go. If you are in charge of a hotel or resort, it is not always necessary to wow your guests with the most expensive gadgets and technology. For the most part, travelers are looking for ease of use and convenience for in-room amenities. This holds especially true for international travelers. While some technology is crafted to impress, the consensus is that people want whatever makes their life easier.


These are some of the top in-room features that guests love:


High-Speed WiFi – While this may seem like a given, the reality is that there are many properties that are still not giving their guests the WiFi connections they desire. Guests often spend a considerable amount of time in their rooms looking for local attractions, shows, dining, and more. If they are unable to get a functional online connection, they become frustrated and complain or leave a bad review. Not only should you be looking into fast, high-quality WiFi, but you should also be offering it for free.


Technology Hubs – Right after high-speed internet, all devices need to be powered and readily accessible at all times. Think about installing power stations so that guests have the ability to charge up multiple devices such as a music player, their phone, or their own laptop or tablet. Small desks, docks, and charging stations are all elements that most guests appreciate.


Streaming Services – Apps like YouTube, Spotify, and Netflix, are all great options that allow guests to stream content from their devices to a bigger screen in the room. This feature could be used for entertainment purposes or to work using the television setup.


Smart Technologies – To take things to the next level, smart technology brings guests a way to enjoy convenience with a bit of luxury. Think about installing a smart thermostat for guests to use an app that sets the temperature in the room. There are also options for brightening or dimming the lights, changing up the position of the blinds of the bed. Another option is a mobile door key, which brings guests a streamlined stay that you can combine with a mobile-check-in service.


Concierge and Services Texting Interface – You can give your guests the option of using messaging apps or texting for communications with the hotel. Billions of people are already using texting or messaging apps to communicate. This is an excellent way for them to order room service, provide feedback on services, make plans with the concierge, and book amenities all without having to hold over the phone or leave their room.


Furthermore, you can also expect that virtual reality is going to continue to rise in popularity. Guests like to look for a way to get a feel for their destinations before going as a way to make their travel decisions. Before you know it, you will find most companies offering a virtual tour, which will be an excellent way to bring in travelers.


For these and all of your other guest technology and room amenities needs, Pro-Comm is here to help. Get in touch with us today, and a member of our team will be happy to discuss your ideas and budget.