Call Pro-Comm For Your Arlington-Smokey Point Home Theater Installation

Call Pro-Comm For Your Arlington-Smokey Point Home Theater Installation

Numerous benefits come with investing in a home theater beyond being able to watch unlimited movies in your pajamas. If you’re searching for your provider of home theater installation in Arlington-Smokey-Point, Pro-Comm has the solution for you. But first, let’s dive into four reasons why you need a home theater if you’re not already sold:

  • Customization- When you install a home theater, you will have full creative direction in the design and functionality. The finished product will be tailored to your specific preferences, from seating color and material to screen size and brightness. Imagine having a movie theater all to yourself that’s fully customized down to the fabric!
  • Hosting- Your reputation as a party host will significantly increase after you add a home theater into the mix. From birthday parties to casual gatherings, you will be the talk of the town!
  • Quality- When you can select all of the equipment that goes into your home theater, you can ensure the highest level of quality.
  • Value- Homes with unique features like a built-in movie theater tend to have more value when it’s time to sell. After making the investment into a home theater, you can expect the price tag on your property to increase in the long run. This is one of the most attractive points in favor of upgrading!

As you can see, a theater addition is a great way to entertain yourself and others from the comfort of your own home. Don’t wait to bring your vision to reality. Pro-Comm can handle your upcoming home theater installation in Arlington-Smokey Point. Call us at (800) 774-9099 today!

Smart Home In Lake Stevens? Call Pro-Comm For Automation Integration & Networking Service!

Smart Home In Lake Stevens? Call Pro-Comm For Automation Integration & Networking Service!

Home automation can take the complication out of everyday tasks. From lights and thermostats to remote security systems, a series of benefits come with having complete control of your home at your fingertips. Pro-Comm provides the best automation integration & networking service in Lake Stevens. If you’re on the fence about upgrading your home, consider the following benefits of doing so:

  • Security- The overall security of your home is improved when you have access to alarms and video cameras.
  • Cost- With automation tools to control your lights and thermostat, you can limit energy use and cut costs monthly.
  • Safety- An automated home can remotely monitor safety devices such as smoke alarms while you’re away.
  • Value- When it comes time to sell your home, the overall value can be increased due to the features you’ve added.
  • Flexibility- Smart home automation systems are extremely easy to use and offer flexibility while adding or subtracting devices
  • Convenience- An automated home is very convenient, especially while on the go. You can manage everything going on, even while you are away.
  • Personalization- When setting up your home automation system, you indicate your preferences for everything from thermostat schedules to security system alerts. This way, you can enjoy your home exactly the way you want to.

If you’re sold on the convenience of an automated home, call us at (800) 774-9099 for automation integration & networking service in Lake Stevens. Our experts here at Pro-Comm have the tools and resources to help you find the perfect solutions for your living space.

Let Us Handle Your Kirkland Area Security System Installation

Let Us Handle Your Kirkland Area Security System Installation

Any commercial space, industrial site, or business should always have the right protections in place. This means taking the time to go the extra mile for security, which could be multi-faceted depending on your industry. Here at Pro-Comm, we work with our customers to provide tailored security system installation in Kirkland for optimum results.

Where to Start

Whether you are looking for information on key cards for access control or you would like to set up CCTV, we will make sure that you have the ability to overcome any challenges you face daily at your place of business. It is important to learn about your priorities and any areas of concern so that we can help to build your security from the ground up.

Why Hire Pros?

Anyone not versed in security systems and access control may not fully grasp the scope of such a project or all of the moving parts. We know all of the components that go into the best security system designs in the field today. This gives you a team of experienced personnel to craft the ultimate security setup for your business. When it comes to access control as part of your security system, some of the components include:

  • Card readers
  • Server
  • Control panel or controller
  • Door lock
  • Camera systems, and more

We Can Help You Keep Your Business Safe!

Once you know that your business is safe and secure, it takes a bit of stress of your shoulders. When you no longer have to worry about breaches or system glitches, you are then free to focus on other areas of your daily business. We will come in and work closely with you to ensure you get the system you want. Everything will be installed carefully, and we guarantee it gets done the first time correctly!

When you need security system installation in Kirkland, you deserve professional results. Call Pro-Comm at (800) 774-9099 for a consultation!

Everett Businesses Can Look To Us For Surveillance and CCTV Installation

Everett Businesses Can Look To Us For Surveillance and CCTV Installation

While a lot of focus today might be on IP video installations, it is best to note that traditional CCTV security cameras and surveillance installations are very effective for several applications. When you want to learn the best ways to tackle a surveillance and CCTV installation in Everett, we are here to help at Pro-Comm!

Why Choose CCTV Installations?

Many people who have a restricted budget or tried and true methods will look into CCTV for surveillance purposes. With CCTV, video signals get processed and transmitted via analog format to allow local viewing using central monitoring. However, you should also know that this does not mean that you cannot use your analog system for IP-based surveillance. There is equipment, such as IP video encoders, that make it possible.

What is CCTV for Security?

Essentially, a CCTV camera is a type of analog video system that transmits signals using a coaxial cable to a singular location for recording, monitoring, and video analysis. Even though there is a trend to push into IP network cameras, there is a lot to be said about CCTV cameras’ stable, dependable nature. When you want a solid, cost-effective way to handle your surveillance needs, CCTV is a great choice.

Why Pro-Comm?

Nothing is more important to you than the safety and security of your business, and we are here to ensure you have a stellar installation. We know how important it might be for you to stay within budget, so you can trust our experienced team to provide you with incredible results.

Surveillance and CCTV installation in Everett is one of the many services we excel in here at Pro-Comm! Call us at (800) 774-9099 to set up a consultation.

Talk With Us About Audio & Video Installation In Lynnwood

Talk With Us About Audio & Video Installation In Lynnwood

Audio and video components call for careful considerations about putting something new into your home or office. Of course, there are countless options for AV installation, including upgrades or an entirely new system. However, you will always find that the best route to take will be hiring the pros for the job. Pro-Comm is here whenever you need audio & video installation in Lynnwood and the surrounding areas.

Why Hire Pro-Comm?

  • Experience – Having experts in your corner will help you to have peace of mind that the AV job will get done the first time correctly. We have skilled technicians here at Pro-Comm that will work with you to have a tailored plan based on personal tastes, needs, and budget. Everything gets done to blend nicely with whatever room or space within your commercial building you have plans for. Whether you are putting in a new sound system at your office building or you want whole-home audio throughout your new construction build, we can help!
  • Fewer Complications – Hiring trained professionals for the job means fewer headaches along the way. Even if you know the basics for audio and video, our team here at Pro-Comm knows how to address issues as they arise, offering fast, efficient fixes.
  • Leave Nothing To Chance – While it may seem nice to save some money, you never want to cut corners in a manner that will cause you to spend more money down the road. We excel in design and installation, which includes troubleshooting and making sure that you have stellar results when we get done.

Reliable audio & video installation in Lynnwood is waiting for you here at Pro-Comm. Call us at (800) 774-9099 for details!

Letting Skilled Technicians Handle Your Automated Lighting Installation Is Best

Home Automation

Letting Skilled Technicians Handle Your Automated Lighting Installation Is Best

You should know that an automated lighting installation at your home should never be complicated. Even though there are countless ways to set up such a system, the components and equipment used will generally be pretty straightforward. However, it is better to work with skilled experts for these projects, which is where we fit in at Pro-Comm!

Know Your Lighting Control Options

You will find various control options to choose from. One of our technicians will go over the details with you when you have your consultation. The goal is always to create a lighting scheme for your property that gives you flawless results while making your life easier and more efficient. Options often include:

  • Motion sensor technology
  • Smartphone and remote controls
  • Scheduling with timers
  • Voice automation

Connectivity and Implementation of Your Lighting System

For your automated lighting installation to work without a hitch, the lights must get connected via a control system – whatever your hub might be. Should you have wiring in place for home automation already, this part of the process is easier. However, we can assist with the specialized wiring necessary to give you the new lighting installation you have been dreaming of.

  • Do you want dimmers? Contact our team!
  • Are you looking for ways to illuminate your exterior automatically? Give us a call!
  • Do you have questions about adding automated lighting to your already functioning smart home? Contact the staff for a consultation!

Call the team at Pro-Comm today at (800) 774-9099! We are here to help with an automated lighting installation that will give you the results you need. We are the number one team to ensure you get quality results that fit in well with your budget.

Contact Us For Access Control Security Installation in Bothell

Contact Us For Access Control Security Installation in Bothell

Running a business or commercial space involves many working parts. You must have a decent access control system that allows you to monitor and coordinate traffic flow through the building while also reporting any security breaches and logging traffic to review later. If you need access control security installation in Bothell, we are always here to help at Pro-Comm!

Getting Started

Whether you are thinking of using biometric scanners or key cards, you will have certain challenges that any context-based, dynamic system would have.  You must understand priorities when it comes to all of your security settings.

If you are not versed in this area, access control systems might be tricky to grasp. However, when you know the access control components, you are already a step ahead in security for your business. The main parts of an access control security system will include:

  • Server
  • Credentials
  • Reader
  • Controller or control panel
  • Door lock

Safety and Security

Once you decide on the system you want, our team here at Pro-Comm can go over all of the details with you on the components and how the unit works. We will work on a setup that falls in line with your exact needs and ensures that everything is done right the first time. We know how important it is to you that your building is secure and that you always have insight on who is coming and going.

We can handle all of your needs when it comes to access control security installation in Bothell. Call Pro-Comm today at (800) 774-9099. We are the number one access control system installer in the area, and we would love to put together a tailored quote for an installation that fits your needs.

Are You Planning A Multi-Room Audio Installation In Bellevue?

Are You Planning A Multi-Room Audio Installation In Bellevue?

When you are a music lover or want to have the latest technology in general, you may want to think about a multi-room audio installation in Bellevue. Our team here at Pro-Comm is available to address all of your needs so that you will have the ultimate installation. We work with commercial and residential clients to ensure total satisfaction, including guarantees on our projects.

What is Mult-Room Audio?

To be put quite simply, this is when you have speakers installed in two, three, or more rooms within your home – all of which get supplied with audio from a central music source. Many modern systems will allow you to play different tunes in every room easily, or you can play the same music all at once.

There are several choices available when you are looking for a multi-room audio system, including:

  • Wired systems
  • Wireless systems
  • Hybrid systems
  • Commercial audio systems

To ensure we help you with the best installation possible, a consultation is required. We will send a trained technician to your property to discover the layout, your goals and answer any of the questions that you may have. When we start to put together a quote for your installation project, we will take the time also to address the equipment available. You can count on us to find the best pricing on the latest technology so that you will have a finished result to enjoy for years to come.

Are you interested in smart-home technology? Would you like to learn more about gaming rooms, high-definition video to go with your audio, and more? We can go over everything available.

Call Pro-Comm if you are looking for multi-room audio installation in Bellevue – reach us at 800-774-9099!

Enhance Your Hotel Amenities With New Technology Installation Near Lake Stevens

Enhance Your Hotel Amenities With New Technology Installation Near Lake Stevens

When is the last time you were a guest at a hotel lacking a lot of the technological advancements you have grown to expect? When it comes to hotel amenities technology installation near Lake Stevens, we have you covered so that your hospitality business can stay ahead of the game. Before you know it, you will have the latest features and options to wow your guests and bring in new clientele.

Modern Hotel Technology

One of the more common upgrades you will find in today’s hotels, motels, and cottages will be a technology hub. Everyone has a cell phone or other devices that call for charging, so these hubs will including USB ports, charging ports, and some with international adapters. Once you make sure that your hotel rooms are convenient for recharging and keeping devices running, you will have happy guests.

Another popular option that many hotels and motels are looking to add today is internet-based services. This often includes automatic integration with high-speed wi-fi as well as streaming services for movies and more. When your guests have enhanced entertainment options when they’re in their rooms, it makes your hospitality venue even more desirable for a return visit. Additionally, someone who is traveling for work will benefit a great deal from a quality wi-fi connection.

What About Smart Technology?

There is something special about staying in a hotel that offers a range of innovative technology. This will include controlling internal room settings with climate-control hubs, light dimmers, and other details. Our team here at Pro-Comm would love to talk with you about the many ways that we can take the technology in your hotel or motel to the next level.

Call (800) 774-9099 today to talk with our team at Pro-Comm about your options for hotel amenities technology installation near Lake Stevens.

Talk With Us About Home Theater Installation In Arlington-Smokey Point

Talk With Us About Home Theater Installation In Arlington-Smokey Point

Putting together any home theater means making sure that all of the components are in place and working in unison. If you invest money in an entire setup, you need to know that it will work flawlessly. Here at Pro-Comm, we would love to talk with you about the many benefits that come from hiring our team for detailed home theater installation in Arlington-Smokey Point.

Layout and Design

To fully enjoy your entertainment setup, you need experts in your corner that ensure everything is in the best spot. Not only should you design based on aesthetics, but the acoustics are equally as important. Some of the things that we take into consideration for your new installation may include:

  • Placement and space for seating
  • Window placement – noting any areas that may impact on-screen visual quality
  • Acoustics and insulation
  • Lighting, and more

Sound Quality

You may think that you have great sound already, but you will see that our expertise sets you up for the ultimate home theater experience. We take the time to find the best components and speakers for your design to have everything you need for impressive sound.

Running Cords and Wires

Nobody likes to see cords and wires everywhere, so we work hard to ensure everything is in its place. This includes taking the time to carefully run wires and cords so that they are out of the way and out of the line of sight.

Hiring the professionals to handle your new design and installation is a lot easier than you would think. Contrary to popular belief, you do not have to spend a fortune to have a killer home theater setup. Give us your budget and let us come up with several ideas for you to choose from.

Call Pro-Comm at (800) 774-9099 if you want more information on professional home theater installation in Arlington-Smokey Point.