Reliable, Efficient Communications Systems Installation In Edmonds

Reliable, Efficient Communications Systems Installation In Edmonds

Dealing with communications systems installation in Edmonds might be frustrating if you do not have the necessary skills or expertise in this area. Rather than trying to tackle this on your own or assign someone from your staff to deal with it, we are always here to help at Pro-Comm.

Why Use Pro-Comm?

Here at Pro-Comm, we offer a broad range of intercommunication systems, including intercoms for schools, small offices, large industrial facilities, and much more. All of our commercial-grade systems are built to last, and we also offer maintenance and service so that you can ensure everything stays up and running when you need it.

Peace of Mind

When you hire a team of skilled installation technicians for your communication systems, you will have comfort in knowing that everything was done the first time correctly. We will come out to your property, perform a detailed assessment of your needs, and then go over your options with you. We will also be happy to set you up for a routine maintenance schedule to help you take all of the hassle and guesswork out of operations moving forward.

Do you need a new telephone system? Are you interested in automated voice mail systems? Have you been thinking it is time to look into sight and sound for your offices? No matter what you may be thinking about, we are happy to tailor any installation to your exact needs.

Do you need assistance with communications systems installation in Edmonds? Call Pro-Comm at (800) 774-9099 to set up a time for a consultation. We would love to set up an appointment to talk with you to find the communications solutions you have been looking for.

Are You Looking For Automation Integration & Networking Service In Monroe?

Are You Looking For Automation Integration & Networking Service In Monroe?

You may be interested in network automation, yet you are not quite sure where to begin. In many instances, it is best to look into a dependable automation integration & networking service in Monroe for the right results.

At its most basic point, solutions for network automation will transition any of your manual processes and tasks into a streamlined setup with new software applications. When done correctly by trained professionals, you have the ability to enjoy a smooth and flawless transition that is both reliable and accurate.

Advanced Automation Solutions

Even if you have an internal team to help with a lot of your IT and networking needs, setting up automation integration calls for the help of experts trained with a unique set of skills. Here at Pro-Comm, Inc., we can assist with a broad range of tasks, including:

  • Total planning and network design – including inventory management and detailed scenario planning
  • Configuration verification
  • Device testing
  • Deploying all services and physical devices, as well as provisioning of all
  • Network data collection about software, systems, devices, traffic, and all services in real-time
  • A thorough analysis of all data, including analytics, insights, and future network development
  • Reports and insight, including alerts, dashboards, alarms, and more
  • Security compliance implementation
  • Network monitoring to ensure that everything aligns with planning while guaranteeing customer satisfaction

Network Automation & Integration Benefits

Many individuals and businesses are now shifting to the cloud, so it is only natural that enterprises are beginning to turn to applications for automation. You need to have reliability and minimal outages, which is why we are here with our proven methods and techniques at Pro-Comm, Inc.

Some of the benefits you will see when making this transition includes:

  • Lowered Costs
  • More Network Resiliency
  • A Boost in Strategic Workforce
  • Fewer Issues
  • Increased Network Control and Insight
  • Less Network Downtime, and more

Not only do we have a solid plan that we can tailor to meet your needs, but our team here at Pro-Comm, Inc. is always looking into the future of network automation. We take these steps to continually improve our processes and help our customers accomplish their goals.

The ability to identify production errors or check on usage is priceless for any business. If you are curious about the best practices for monitoring such things, we have the critical metrics necessary to get the job done.

Call Pro-Comm at (800) 774-9099 if you are interested in learning more about automation integration & networking service in Monroe.

Professional Surveillance and CCTV Installation In Redmond

Professional Surveillance and CCTV Installation In Redmond

When it comes to security and monitoring, there is a lot to be said about the benefits that come from high-quality surveillance and CCTV installation in Redmond and the surrounding areas. This technology has grown by leaps and bounds throughout the last decade or so in terms of both interface, security, and individual capabilities.

The more you know about surveillance and CCTV systems, the easier it will be for you to select the perfect installation for your property. The three main uses for CCTV includes:

  • Forensic purposes
  • As a deterrent
  • Interdictive devices

It used to be that a CCTV surveillance system would only be a deterrent. There is a bit of comfort in knowing that your property will be protected by thwarting off intruders if they think that someone is watching. However, today’s advancements have brought CCTV to the next level, and they go far beyond use as a simple deterrent.

Always Evolving

Today’s technology has made software and storing technology with video analytics a whole lot more efficient. This is why CCTV makes an excellent option to use as a forensic tool if you need to collect a lot of evidence after something occurred.

You can also use a CCTV surveillance system integrated with access control devices, alarm systems, and other monitoring devices. This is when they become vital for assisting security personnel in interrupting or identifying potential security breaches before or during the event.

Pro-Comm offers all of the solutions you need when you are interested in surveillance CCTV for your property. We have been in the business for many years and look forward to putting together a system that fits your budget and needs.

Are you looking for surveillance and CCTV installation in Redmond? Call Pro-Comm today at (800) 774-9099 to set up a consultation.

Expert Help With Telephone System Networking & Installation In Renton

Expert Help With Telephone System Networking & Installation In Renton

Running a successful business of any size brings with it a lot of responsibility. In order to make this type of project successful, you may need expert advice to handle your need for telephone system networking and installation in Renton. This is where Pro-Comm thrives and we are always available to go over your needs and goals with you.


One of the most popular phone services for businesses today is VoIP, or voice over IP. This is especially true when you are in charge of a smaller to mid-sized business. It is often more affordable and brings you a world of flexibility. What this does is get you the ability for various communications channels as well as voice conversations, such as:

  • Video conferencing
  • Conference calling
  • Team chatting
  • Electronic faxing, and much more

While the initial set up of your new phone system might be pretty easy, things can get a bit tricky once you start to add in re-life conversations across your data network.

Intercom Systems

When looking at telephone systems, businesses of all sizes benefit a great deal from intercom capabilities. Rather than standard all-call features of the past,  you not can find new ways to provide privacy with individualized intercom services.

Multi-Room Audio and Video

Pro-Comm is here to ensure that you have all of the A/V services that you are looking for in order to catapult your business to the next level. You may have a need for audio piped throughout your retail space or you would like to have specialized video inside your conference room. No matter what your needs might be, you can guarantee that we will find your solution and ensure it fits well within your budget!

We Cover Everything to Bring You the Results That You Need

When it comes time to gear up for changes to your telephone systems, we will go over a few details with you. Some of the areas we cover will include:

  • Determine the types of calls that you will have to make.
  • Make sure that you have the correct cabling in place.
  • Plan out the power source to your phone system – if you need an upgrade, we can help!
  • Explore all of the options for space on your network so that you have the correct amount of bandwidth.
  • Ensure that your wireless traffic capabilities are seamless.
  • Take a look at your firewall and expand function, if necessary.

Pro-Comm is available to assist with your needs for telephone system networking and installation in Renton. Call (800) 774-9099 today!

Do You Need A Security Alarm Monitoring Service In Marysville

Do You Need A Security Alarm Monitoring Service In Marysville

Have you thought that it is time to look into a security alarm monitoring service in Marysville for your home or business? If so, then you also need to know that you have settled on the right provider to ensure you have reliable service and a team that is always up with the latest technology.

Looking at alarm monitoring, this is the course of communication between your security provider’s central station and your security system. The control panel will trigger when an emergency even arises, thus sending out a signal to the monitoring station. From there, the appropriate first responders are notified and then sent out to your property.

If you are hoping for an upgrade to the system that you currently have in place, we can work with you to find something that fits in with your needs. There is nothing like having that added feeling of security that you will have someone there for you when the need arises. Our security alarm monitoring service fits the bill, and we are always available to address your questions or concerns.

You are never expected to understand all of the latest alarm and security trends, which is where we are available to assist. Our team at Pro-Comm keeps up with the best brands and processes in the industry so that you never have to. You are free to focus on your business to ensure everything runs smoothly day-to-day.

The Pro-Comm Advantage

Whether you have an industrial, commercial or residential space, you can look to Pro-Comm for UL monitoring 24 hours a day. We address needs including, but not limited to:

  • Fire warning
  • Water damage
  • Broken glass
  • Access control
  • Burglar monitoring
  • Access control, and more

A trusted security alarm monitoring service in Marysville will give you peace of mind. Call Pro-Comm today at (800) 774-9099 for details!

Only Trust Surveillance and CCTV Installation In Redmond To The Best

Only Trust Surveillance and CCTV Installation In Redmond To The Best

When it comes to security and something as crucial as surveillance and CCTV installation in Redmond, you need to know that you have a team of trained professionals handling the project. Even if you have a certain amount of DIY knowledge, industry experts will have access to the latest brands and models along with knowledge of the best practices for installation.

With the popularity of these systems, it is no wonder by both commercial and residential consumers alike are looking for new installations. If you happen to know that you currently have an outdated system in place, we can come out to your property so that we can discuss your options for an upgrade as well. At Pro-Comm, we have the skills, training, and reliable services that you need.


If you wish that you had the ability to keep a closer eye on everything that is happening inside and outside your business, this is the ultimate way to do so. The cameras and monitors that you install will allow you to view events in real-time. Still, you also can archive the recorded footage so that you can reference it later on, if necessary.

Top-Notch Surveillance

You may already have some sort of an idea of what you can do to ramp up surveillance around your property. Whether you are a residential consumer looking to protect your backyard from intruders or you want to see whatever is happening in the front of your house while you are at work, we have the ultimate in surveillance technology. As a matter of fact, our hard work and dedication to the world of surveillance remain one of the many reasons why our commercial customers come to us time and again for all of their surveillance needs.

Do you want to know more about surveillance and CCTV installation in Redmond? Call Pro-Comm today at (800) 774-9099 for information!

When You Need Audio & Video Installation In Kirkland, It Is Best To Call Skilled Professionals

When You Need Audio & Video Installation In Kirkland, It Is Best To Call Skilled Professionals

When it comes to something as involved as the audio and video components for your home, you need everything connected correctly the first time. There are plenty of options available to you when it is time to install new A/V or when you’re ready to upgrade. Still, you will always find that hiring skilled pros for audio & video installation in Kirkland is the only way to ensure results.


When you hire the professionals to assist you with your audio and video needs, they know exactly what to look for in terms of design and installation. Skilled technicians work directly with you to formulate the plan based on your needs and personal tastes. Everything is done to provide you with the right size project based on the size of your room or home for the installation, as well as how you use it. Whether you are interested in whole-home audio or you have dreams that involve a dedicated home theater, these are times to call the experts.

Avoid Complications

Even if you think that you have the skills and experience to handle some A/V work, you will be avoiding potential disasters by hiring professionals. Skilled technicians are also available for consultations and expert advice that will help you to move forward with all of your installation design plans. When hiring the pros, you are cutting back on the risk of wasting a great deal of time and money.

Never Take Chances

It is a great thing to be able to save money, but not when it ends up costing you more money in the future. Working with an A/V team that excels in design and installation will give you the professional and long-lasting results you are looking for. Never leave anything up to chance with a self-installation when you can have the knowledge and efficiency of trained A/V installers on your side. Hiring the pros will always help you to bring your video or sound to the next level.

Pro-Comm is the team to call when you need audio & video installation in Kirkland. Contact us today at (800) 774-9099 for details!

You Can Benefit From Professional Automated Lighting Installation In Everett

You Can Benefit From Professional Automated Lighting Installation In Everett

Anyone can tell you that lighting is imperative for mood. Still, you will also see that strategic light around your home can go a long way for enhancing convenience and security. Automated lighting installation in Everett will help you to get all of the right fixtures and brightness levels inside and outside of your home. All you have to do is talk with our team at Pro-Comm, and we can help you to come up with the ultimate installation.

When looking at your lighting needs, it is a great idea to consider adding some technology to the equation. Taking the time to plan out a lighting system that is automated adds a lovely high-tech element to your setup that is a beautiful touch. Many of the upgraded lighting systems today not only have full automation but also high-efficiency bulbs that conserve energy while also lasting a lot longer.

These are some of the benefits of going with automated lighting around your property:

Automated Settings

Would you like to be able to control all of the lights in your home or those around your exterior? You can have your illumination set up for vacation mode, nighttime, and much more. It is possible to fully optimize power so that you can have a decrease in your electricity bill, all while getting the right amount of lighting.

Security Integration

If you have a security system, our team at Pro-Comm can discuss your options for integrating it with your security system. This includes lighting triggered by surveillance equipment or motion sensors, both of which help to scare off potential intruders.

Mobile App Enabled

With today’s technology, you can control your automated system using your mobile phone or your favorite device. We can go over your ability to control lighting in separate rooms or your exterior, even if you are away from home.

Automated lighting installation in Everett to enhance your property is waiting for you. Call Pro-Comm today at (800) 774-9099 for a consultation.

Access Control Security Installation In Lynnwood You Can Trust

Access Control Security Installation In Lynnwood You Can Trust

Access control should always be on your mind when you are in charge of a business or commercial space. Whether you are looking for a brand-new installation or it is time to upgrade the system you currently have, Pro-Comm Protection & Communications, Inc. is the team to call. We are more than happy to go over the details for professional access control security installation in Lynnwood and the surrounding areas!

Do you know who is coming and going at your facility on a daily basis? When you have an access control security system in place from Pro-Comm, you will have the ability to grant entry to all of the right visitors and employees. This is all done while giving you the peace of mind that intruders are not able to make their way in.

For any business, the site access control system makes sure that your equipment and sensitive information is kept from getting into the wrong hands. All of the details on who is accessing various areas of the building, as well as when they are there, can effortlessly be recorded without the need for additional staff or an elaborate sign-in process.

Popular Brands We Work With:

  • Northern
  • Key Scan
  • Honeywell, and more!

Know Your Options:

  • Proximity readers for cards or remote key fobs
  • Standard keypads
  • Basic Slim Line Keypads, and more!

When you invest in a reliable electrical access control system, you are cutting out all of the hassles that come with traditional key management. Employee badges, as well as electronic key cards, can easily be programmed as needed, which also allows you to quickly disable any badge if it ends up stolen or lost.

Pro-Comm is here to help when you need a dependable access control security installation in Lynnwood. Call us at (800) 774-9099 for an appointment.

We Are Here To Help With Multi-Room Audio Installation In Bothell


We Are Here To Help With Multi-Room Audio Installation In Bothell

Are you looking for high-fidelity music that reaches multiple rooms within your home? If so, then it will benefit you most to learn all about professional multi-room audio installation in Bothell.

It goes without saying that everybody loves music, with everyone having different genres that they enjoy. Whether you are a fan of classical music or country-rock, you will see that the type of audio system you have in your vehicle and your home makes all the difference. You know that you want the audio to sound incredible, especially if you are going to invest in a system for your house.

However, making sure that your interior audio is epic may not be as easy as it seems, which is why this is not always a great time to take on a do-it-yourself project. This is something that takes knowledge of the audio industry, and you need a certain level of skill to ensure that a multi-room audio setup is installed property. Skip DIY and have us take a look at your audio needs at Pro-Comm.

Why Choose Pro-Comm for Multi-Room Audio?

When you get in touch with our team, we can set up a time for you to have an in-home consultation where we go over your dream audio system and then discuss your budget. We want to know how you listen to your music and what your goals are for your audio installation project. We can work on multi-room audio that includes a listening room, in-ceiling speakers, or even have music piped to the patio in your backyard.

With Pro-Comm, you can count on our team for:

  • Experience
  • High-Quality Products
  • Precision
  • Budget-Friendly Options
  • Innovative Designs and Layouts
  • Professional Results, and much more!

If it is time for you to take your home audio to the next level, you can trust in our team here at Pro-Comm. We are happy to discuss all of the benefits that come from multi-room audio installations and we are ready to get to work when you are!

Call us at Pro-Comm at (800) 774-9099, and we can go over all of your options when it comes to multi-room audio installation in Bothell.