Compliance Testing

Compliance Testing

Regardless of the type of business or commercial space you have, a fire sprinkler system that is installed properly and meticulously maintained gives you constant protection for your patrons, employees, and all first responders amidst a crisis. After you have a good fire sprinkler setup in place, it is then vital that you keep it working efficiently by having it regularly inspected and maintained. Whenever you need regular fire sprinkler inspections, you can count on our team of professionals at Pro-Comm.


Inspection and Testing Timelines for Commercial Fire Sprinklers

All codes on a state, local, and national level are put into place via the National Fire Protection Association. Only minor alterations will take place dependent on exceptional circumstances. In the greater Seattle area, both commercial and industrial systems must be inspected by a trained and certified professional for the following situations:


Quarterly Inspections – These inspections are necessary to check out the control system connections and the condition of components to determine damage, leaking, and any other signs of wear.


Annual Testing and Inspections – For this, it is best to include everything from the standard inspection along with a full test of system operation. Annual inspections should also take a look at the pipes, pipe fittings, bracing, pre-action valves, alarm devices, and more.


Fire Sprinkler Replacement – Should a fire occur or you have accidental sprinkler activation, all of the sprinkler heads require replacement right away so you can guarantee proper function into the future.


Fire Alarm

Time is critical whenever there is an emergency. What a fire alarm does is allow more time for your clients and employees to make their way to safety while you contact emergency services. Pro-Comm knows how crucial your fire alarms are for any fire protection plan, which is why we can give you total support and services. No matter what your needs may be, Pro-Comm is your trusted choice for fire alarm service and quality solutions. You can look to us for fire alarm testing, fire alarm monitoring, fire alarm repair, and much more.


Fire Extinguisher

In order to keep your building safe, you must have fully functional fire extinguishers. An employee that is able to leap into action to extinguish a small fire can keep it from getting out of control. However, your fire extinguishers can only be trusted to work if you install the right kind and make sure that they are serviced regularly. Pro-Comm can make sure that you have the best fire extinguishers to meet your needs, and we offer a range of services to include extinguisher replacement, inspection, recharge, reconditioning, maintenance, hydrostatic testing, and much more.


Sprinkler System

A sprinkler system is an integral part of any fire protection plan, which gives you day and night coverage in the event of a fire. After your sprinkler system is in place, they need inspection and testing regularly to ensure proper function. No matter what your fire sprinkler system needs might be, we can be there to help. All you have to do is get in touch with us at Pro-Comm, and we can send technicians out for inspections, testing, repair, and more.

Contact us today at Pro-Comm to learn all about compliance testing to ensure your building is protected, and your systems are ready to go in the event of a fire.