Da-Lite Projector Screens For Business & Home Theatre in Sedro-Woolley

Da-Lite projector screens for business & home theatre in Sedro-Woolley could be just the thing you have been looking for. Whether you want a new home theater experience or need something new in your office conference room, Pro-Comm can help you have the ultimate layout and installation to make it well worth the investment.

Why Choose Da-Lite Projectors?

Da-Lite is a trusted name in the industry, offering a broad range of electric screens for everything from residential to commercial use. You have the ability to choose from a full line of recessed ceiling models when you do not want the screen to be visible when not in use. There are also options for wall or ceiling-mounted projector screens, often a great option for conference rooms, schools, and learning centers.

Some of the options Da-Lite offers include

  • Ceiling mounted electric screens
  • Ceiling recessed electric screens
  • Floor rising electric screens
  • Fixed frame screens
  • Portable screens
  • Manual screens

Are you hoping to have a new projector screen for your home theater installation? We understand that this type of an investment calls for quality equipment and features. Discuss with us your home A/V needs and we will be happy to help you select the perfect projector screen to enhance your home entertainment enjoyment.

Why Choose Pro-Comm for Installation?

Letting us handle your installation takes all of the hassle and guesswork out the process. Our technicians at Pro-Comm are ready and able to help with your Da-Lite projection screen needs as well as offer expert advice. You will have our guidance when selecting the best surface choice based on your room size, lighting conditions, and other factors.

Call Pro-Comm at (800) 774-9099 to learn more about high-quality Da-Lite projector screens for business & home theatre in Sedro-Woolley.