Expert Help With Telephone System Networking & Installation In Renton

Expert Help With Telephone System Networking & Installation In Renton

Running a successful business of any size brings with it a lot of responsibility. In order to make this type of project successful, you may need expert advice to handle your need for telephone system networking and installation in Renton. This is where Pro-Comm thrives and we are always available to go over your needs and goals with you.


One of the most popular phone services for businesses today is VoIP, or voice over IP. This is especially true when you are in charge of a smaller to mid-sized business. It is often more affordable and brings you a world of flexibility. What this does is get you the ability for various communications channels as well as voice conversations, such as:

  • Video conferencing
  • Conference calling
  • Team chatting
  • Electronic faxing, and much more

While the initial set up of your new phone system might be pretty easy, things can get a bit tricky once you start to add in re-life conversations across your data network.

Intercom Systems

When looking at telephone systems, businesses of all sizes benefit a great deal from intercom capabilities. Rather than standard all-call features of the past,  you not can find new ways to provide privacy with individualized intercom services.

Multi-Room Audio and Video

Pro-Comm is here to ensure that you have all of the A/V services that you are looking for in order to catapult your business to the next level. You may have a need for audio piped throughout your retail space or you would like to have specialized video inside your conference room. No matter what your needs might be, you can guarantee that we will find your solution and ensure it fits well within your budget!

We Cover Everything to Bring You the Results That You Need

When it comes time to gear up for changes to your telephone systems, we will go over a few details with you. Some of the areas we cover will include:

  • Determine the types of calls that you will have to make.
  • Make sure that you have the correct cabling in place.
  • Plan out the power source to your phone system – if you need an upgrade, we can help!
  • Explore all of the options for space on your network so that you have the correct amount of bandwidth.
  • Ensure that your wireless traffic capabilities are seamless.
  • Take a look at your firewall and expand function, if necessary.

Pro-Comm is available to assist with your needs for telephone system networking and installation in Renton. Call (800) 774-9099 today!