Avoiding False Alarms

Avoid False Alarms Security Systems

Don’t let your system Cry Wolf.

False alarms are more than an inconvenience; they consume the time and energy of emergency personnel who may be needed to respond to a real emergency.

At Pro-Comm we strive to design, supply and install systems which are not prone to false alarms. However, there are many other causes of false alarms that, with a little forethought, can be avoided.

According to Police, Most False Alarms are attributed to user error or user apathy.

Oftentimes personnel are not properly trained in the use of the system or in what to do when the systems fail to respond normally.

Do the users know the system well enough to use it without causing a false alarm? A few minutes training or refreshing training can be time well spent. (Grown children, janitorial staff, employees, neighbors etc.) Let them know the importance of not wasting Police resources and the consequences of the hefty fines, if they cause a false dispatch.

Do the users of the system know the password to abort the alarm monitoring police dispatch in the event they set the system off accidentally?

Do the users of the system even know if a central station monitors it and that the police will be dispatched upon any trip of the system?

Do the users of a monitored system know that they should call to cancel an accidental alarm, even if they reset it right away? @ 800-752-2490

Is your service technician adequately aware that the system is monitored, before he begins work?

Are users of the system conscious that mobiles, party balloons and other moving decorations are a common cause of false alarms?

Do users of the system verify all doors are latched closed and not just closed and subject to breezes or storms?

Do users of the system know that pets or large rodents can be a source of false alarms for systems with motion detectors?

Second leading cause of False Alarms is technological problems:

Faulty system design.

Equipment failure.

Low or dead back-up battery makes system less stable during power fluctuations during storms. Systems generally have self-charging batteries but eventually it will no longer accept a charge, 3-5 years is the average life expectancy of most alarm panel batteries.

Spiders or small insects gaining access to the inside of a motion detector. (Look for and eliminate spider webs near your motion detectors). Access holes in motion detectors should be sealed by caulk by your installer.

So What do I do?

Make sure all the users know how to use the security system.

Keep your “Emergency Contact List” current at the Alarm Center; Call 800-752-2490 or fax to 360-438-4245Click here to go to the “Emergency Contact List”.

Know the phone number, account number and password needed to cancel a False Alarm. The Alarm Center Phone Number is: 
(800) 752-2490
. When calling the Alarm Center to cancel a false alarm, it is best to call from a cell phone; this leaves your “land line” open for the Alarm Center to contact you.

Keep balloons, pets, spiders and other moving objects away from motion detectors.

Make sure your system is serviced by a knowledgeable company like Pro-Comm.

Optional system upgrades to lessen your odds of having a false alarm and related Police Department fines.

Upgrade your motion detectors from Passive infrared only to Tri-tech passive infrared & microwave combination unit. These devices offer the highest degree of stability and protection.

Add listen-in or two-way voice to your system for alarm verification prior to dispatching of the police.

If your cooking is problematic”, add special instructions to your monitoring instructions to verify all alarm signals, including fire, to give you the option to abort a signal before it is dispatched.

Call Pro-Comm at 425 or 800 774-9099 ext 128 to request Private Response Guard Service as a “first pass” alternative to Police Department response.

Call for service

If you cannot positively identify the cause of a false alarm, we recommend you call for Pro-Comm service. While identifying the cause is not always easy or readily apparent, it is worth the effort to avoid escalating false alarm fines levied by most police and sheriffs departments. Most technological caused false alarms will re-occur, so it would be in your best interest to get your system serviced as soon as possible and avoid further fines and future risk of embarrassment. We’re here to help. Call Pro-Comm at 800-774-9099.