Hire Only Qualified Technicians for a Home Theatre Installation in Bellevue

Hire Only Qualified Technicians for a Home Theatre Installation in Bellevue

Take your binge-watching and video gaming experience to the next level with Pro-Comm’s home theater installation in BellevuePro-Comm provides you with professionally trained technicians who understand the unique acoustics and design needs of your house. 

Home theater installation is a complex job. Everything has to be planned and installed perfectly, from the acoustics to the design, to give you an exceptional home theater experience.

What Are the Components of a Home Theater System?

Installing a home theater is a big job as there are various components involved. Our technicians are tasked with figuring out your system’s needs, choosing the right devices, and designing and installing the system. Let’s look at some of the components of a home theater system.


Lighting, seating capacity, and the room’s acoustics are included in the checklist when picking and designing a home theater.

Display Device

The type of room, distance from the screen, type of screen, and resolution are some of the main features that need to be researched and discussed with your contractor before planning the installation.


The selection of quality speakers and placing them efficiently can make or break your home theater experience. Not only is sound important for movie watching but also gaming enthusiasts.


The receiver is a key component of the system as it connects everything.


Various cables are available on the market for different purposes. It is the technician’s job to determine the cable type, capacity, and length that best suits your home and room.

Surge Protectors

There’s nothing that can spoil any electric device like a power surge. Protecting your sensitive home theater system is another crucial job for our technicians. 

Why Choose Pro-Comm?

  • 36+ years of experience
  • Experienced technicians
  • Free demonstration of the systems

Pro-Comm is your one-stop solution for home theater and audio-video installation. Discuss your needs with our contractor, and we’ll make it happen! For more information on home theater installation in Bellevue, call us at (800) 774-9099.