Home Audio, Video, Automation & Security Solutions

We’re proud to have merged with Intuitive Integration to provide even more robust support to home theaters, audio, home automation and home protection systems.  Here are some of our additional home entertainment, automation & security services offered to our clients throughout the greater Seattle area.



Multi Purpose Media Room Design Seattle, Bellevue, Everett, Lynnwood

Home Theater is not a room, a big screen or an audio system: it is an experience. At Intuitive Integration we listen to your wishes and work to develop a home theater that fits the way you live. From dedicated systems to rooms to multi-purpose living areas, we will design a system that looks and sounds its best in your home.


What’s the best reason to invest in a home control system? Simply put, it will make your home life remarkably easier. You can press one button to have the lights brighten, your favorite music begin playing, and the temperature adjust to your comfort level. A home control system can save you from juggling multiple remotes in the family room and from running around the house adjusting various buttons, dials and switches.
And if you have an i-Pad or i-Phone, your life just got easier. Many systems can be run within the home or remotely with your favorite device. (read more)


Put your mind at ease. Our “Intuitive” security solutions not only help deter theft, they can work with your other home systems. Imagine controlling lighting, heat, and home electronics by simply arming or disarming your system. We cater the design to your needs and we monitor the system.

In addition to security systems we offer low voltage smoke detection. Not only are low voltage smoke detectors easier to live with and maintain than electrical ones, if you have a monitored system low voltage “smokes” ensure the fire department is dispatched even when you are away.


Music. It resides in the background and forefront of our minds and lives. And with today’s technologies it is more accessible than ever before. I-Pod. Media Center. Satellite Radio. Compact Disc. Vinyl LP’s. Audio Servers. Internet Streaming, and more. Your audio choices are endless and we help design systems to help you enjoy your kind of music the way you want it. We’ll keep your home design in mind at the same time too by hiding speakers in walls, in ceilings or even custom matching them to your paint or wood finish. From audiophile two channel rooms to music systems shared throughout the home, to outdoor living areas, enjoy music where you want to and the way you want to.  (read more)


More of today’s homes are built with open designs often incorporating kitchen, dining and family gathering areas. With so much going on, room space and flexibility become paramount. With the right combination of today’s technologies, we can fit an entertainment system seamlessly into your home and lifestyle without sacrificing performance. (read more)


Integral to the experience of home theater is comfort. Intuitive Integration offers custom home theater seating from Acoustic Innovations and Premier Home Theatre Surroundings providing comfort and style for any theater and for any budget. (read more)


Go to the movies at home in the theater of your dreams. We provide all the elements of a truly custom dedicated theater including:

  • consultation and design services
  • construction and installation
  • room calibration and set up

Our turnkey service allows us to learn your wishes while educating you at the same time. The result is a room that is comfortable, looks beautiful, and truly outperforms your expectations.


CEDIA Certification offers you the finest in custom electronic residential design and installation … and peace of mind.

How do you choose a company to design and install your home theater, multi-room audio or home automation? How can you be sure they know how to bring out the best in today’s highly sophisticated systems for your home’s unique needs?

Look for CEDIA Certification.

CEDIA certified professionals are a select group. They are proven experts who are committed to a higher standard of education. Hiring a CEDIA Certified professional gives you peace of mind-—and the finest in custom electronic design and installation. Your home deserves nothing less.

These Cedia sponsored articles for homeowners are available to help consumers learn what to look for and what questions to ask when selecting an installer.