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Sure, wall switches work fine. But there is a more efficient way to control the lights inside and around your house. A lighting control system can profoundly change the way you think about your house, providing every room with an aura of elegance, an extra blanket of protection, and unbeatable convenience. Imagine less switches and more control. We design, install, and program complete systems which can be incorporated into whole house automation schemes or can stand alone. When designed properly, a lighting control system makes your home easier and safer to live in.
And if you want use your i-Phone or i-Pad to control your lighting we can do that too.


Lighting control means more than operating light fixtures. True lighting control manages both the natural and electrical light sources in a home. With Lutron Sivoia interior shades and drives, you can eliminate early morning or afternoon glare. You can protect your furniture and floors from harmful UV damage while maintaining your view. Best of all, we can program the shades to raise and lower by themselves to achieve a particular lighting scene at a particular time of day, or you can control the shades with the push of a button. It is that easy.


One of the wisest investments you can make in your home is the addition of high-speed wiring (also called structured wiring.) This is typically specified as Category 5e communications cabling (to distribute telephone calls, computer data and music around the house) and RG-6 coaxial cabling (to distribute satellite, cable TV, security camera and other video signals around the house.) Structured wiring is the backbone for many of your home’s systems including:

  • telephone
  • television
  • networking
  • high speed internet
  • video monitoring, and more.

We make sure your home is wired for both your current and future needs.


As a loyal customer of Intuitive Integration, LLC, you know our commitment to innovation, quality consumer electronic systems, and great service. That’s why we’re letting you be the first to know about a new product for which we have just become a certified dealer.

We’re excited to introduce CloseBy Network™. This innovative new product, built on the Control4 home automation system, is a network of sensors and software tied to a web application that allow you to monitor an elderly loved one’s activities in real time.

We all know there’s no place like home for an elderly loved one. But caring for them can take its toll. CloseBy Network lets your loved one continue to live independently, while you share the caretaking responsibilities between siblings, children, neighbors and other caregivers included in your network.

For less than the cost of one month in an assisted living facility, you can install CloseBy Network and monitor your loved one’s activities in the home with messages sent by e-mails, texts, or the internet.

CloseBy Network lets you choose what to monitor, how to receive the information, and who should be notified. Depending on where you place the sensors, you can be notified when you loved leaves and returns, gets out of bed, opens the refrigerator or medicine cabinet, and if he is moving normally about the house. You can also receive an alert if there is no activity within a specified time, or if you loved one pushes the “contact us” button for help.