Latch Software Solutions For Multifamily Homes in Marysville

As an apartment manager or multi-family homeowner, you want to know that your tenants are safe. One way to do that is with Latch software solutions for multifamily homes in Marysville.  Here at Pro-Comm, we’ve worked with countless owners to help them protect their tenants and their building. These systems are a great way to restrict access to certain areas while giving your tenants a smart, safe way to enter the building and their homes.

Latch software options are vast and can help you with various details to smooth out processes during the day. For example, you can have a setup strictly for delivery and guest management. Using the Latch software helps you to set up an easy way for tenants to access their homes with their smartphones as well.

Why Latch?

This company has been an industry leader for years, offering advanced tech solutions for easy access to apartment buildings, condos, and more. This software adds peace of mind to those who own or manage the buildings and those living in them.

Why Pro-Comm?

We pride ourselves on giving you the best in industry advancements to help you to take your apartment or multi-family building to the next level. Safety and security are a priority. Gone are the days of just anyone accessing the building. These new installations can help you limit theft and safety issues.

Pro-Comm also offers certified and trained technicians to handle everything from installation to maintenance and repairs. You can count on us to get your new system installed in no time.

Give the office a call at (800) 774-9099 to talk about Latch software solutions for multifamily homes in Marysville.