Control Your Lights For Nothing

Ok, sorry, not truly NOTHING! But I am telling you that yes this is a very low cost system and it works! I have this in my home and its incredibly great! Price? Well how about for like $852.00 you could control four lights in the home from your smart phone app! (Download the free app from Lutron Caseta) And you should also realize that YES this dimmer will control your LED fixtures too!

It’s so easy you can do it yourself! Just plug in the Bridge Pro to your router in the home (for your wireless reception) and simply replace your 4 switches or dimmer with these new dimmers and pick up your phone and start programming your system! Name the dimmers what you like and you can also have if you like, the outside lights come on every nite at 7 and go off at midnight! Or even have your kitchen lights come on automatically every night when you get home at 6:30!

The best part? You can also hook up to your HVAC system as well, so turn your heat up when you arrive at SeaTac! Your house is nice and warm when you get there!

The best part #2? You can also have one or more Lutron shades in your home and these can be controlled at well! Make your shades go up or down from your smart phone!

The best part #3? Your apple watch! You have the app already on the phone and your ready to go!

The best part #4? You have to also get a Pico remote that sits in your car, and now you can turn your lights on when you get home from the garage! Have the lights on when you get home!

And yes I know this product is for sale at home depot too! BUT the smart bridge that you plug into your router, will only work from your smart phone, SO if you buy this Smart Bridge Pro from us, (Programmers!) you can also have your remote controls for your TV also work the lighting, HVAC or Shading too!

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