Elevator Interface

In larger projects, Elevator Control is essential to the workings of moving clients to the correct locations. We do in these situations the Fire Alarm, the Access Control as well as a variety of other applications, but these specifically speak to the aspect of Elevator Control.

This means as an example, with a friend coming to visit someone on the 5th floor, they can contact their friends via the door panel, the friend can buzz them in and at that point an Elevator is on its way down to the lobby, and when the friend is in, they can only go to the 5th floor! All this based on access to a for the tenant on the 5th floor.

We utilize Door King products as well as others, designing in card readers for employees or tenants with the same idea or concept of limiting access only to where you want to allow them access.

Feel free to contact us for assistance with design, we will help your project be what your wanting it to be!

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