Heating and Air Conditioning Control

In today’s world, we are setting up homes and commercial applications to control the temperature, remotely.

Yes you can still have a thermostat on the wall, but you can also access it and control it from the internet or remote locations in the home or office.

Turn the heat on when you fly in to the airport, or crank the air conditioning when your leaving your office!

We even design in options with remote sensors to allow you to locate the thermostat in a closet and have a flush mounted sensor in the hall determining the temperature, keeping the clutter off the walls! We set these up for remote control via hand held RF remotes, with RTI or Crestron Wall Mounted Touch Screens, to complete access over the internet.

So no we don’t get into the actual design of the HVAC systems, that we leave to the experts, where we come in is the control applications and integrating this technology with other applications or systems in the home.

Please contact us for help in your design!

Remote thermostats that can live in mechanical rooms or ‘out of view’.

Remote sensors that fit flush in a wall, paint it if you like! These ‘remote’ the temperature to the thermostat that would typically live in another location, so its ‘out of view’!

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