High Definition Video Distribution

With the quick array of options from Plasma, LCD and LED Backlit LCD panels or still to consider a large screen venue, as in a Projection TV screen. Screen sizes from 26 up to 119 in Hi Resolution HDTV! Wow is the word!

Our consideration starts with you and your needs. Is this display for the morning news or dinner time movies or options viewing widescreen movies in HD with your friends? We must discuss the options and find the right application for video as well as the audio/surround sound applications.

Technology continues to move fast. Displays @ 1.2 thick! Amazing! Let’s discuss the options, maybe raising a display from the foot of the master bed to maybe pushing a button and moving the family photo over the fireplace to reveal a 65 HD display! Distributing HD, this brings up a vast array of issues. As an example, today we are setting up a cable box for one room, sending the output to all the TV’s and at the same time, we have a HD DVR for recording, also sent to all locations, so you have only one location to access your recordings, in lieu of recording one channel here and another recording there, this way all locations can review the same info.

We also address sending the Blue Ray players around the home, as well as your IPOD video or any other application. We are even routing 3D pictures to all the TV’s in the home, the bottom line is we need to design not just what is possible, but what you want!

Your Friend THE REMOTE CONTROL You are aware as we are that if the remote is not simple to use for the entire family, your media investment doesn’t get used but by yourself!

Our RF Remotes are without fail, the best remotes we can recommend. Options from RTI remotes to Crestron, the possibilities are open to design the right system at the right price to assure the entire family gets to enjoy it!

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