Certified LAN/Networks

Our installs of Lans/Networks start with our free consultation to determine the exact needs for your purposes. Our intent is to be sure that once we start the process we are still able to meet or beat your expectations.

We can perform on your Residential project making sure we connect all the appliances if applicable, the MEC or LEC locations (Main Equipment Center/Local Equipment Center) future locations or just your office PC, now is the time to imagine the future and make sure we wire for the possibilities. Understand on Residential applications, these wires we are pulling are also cable of transmitting Audio/Video or even Camera signals if we choose that the network wiring at that location is not needed, we can utilize these wires for a multitude of applications in the future, we believe this is a way of future proofing your home!

Performing on Commercial projects undertakes the same design phase, but since these applications are also of larger scope, other concerns arise. Will this be a hardwire connection or a wireless connection? Will we be structuring the project for distribution of added nodes or setting the project up for POS? We can help with a number of issues/designs, the main issue is to understand and be prepared up front!

Please CLICK HERE TO EMAIL US or our office at 800.774.9099 and touch #0 the receptions will route your call accordingly