Automated Lighting

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The common way we discuss lighting control is, having your lights work for you in lieu of you working to get your lights setup for that party (how many runs to you make around the room adjusting dimmers? ), or that entertainment dinner or just a relaxing evening? Hit one button on your keypad, Cell Phone or Remote Control or Touch Screen and you’re done! ONE BUTTON sets up your home for what you want to see! (Dim the art lights down 10%, raise the chandelier to show its brilliance etc)

Our free consultation on your electrical design is a requirement for us to, by working together, provide you with the lowest cost, the best layout, and the correct design to move forward with. By utilizing our own Progressive Electric Division or your personal Electrical Contractor, we can provide specific AutoCad drawings for them to follow, to meet our design. We take specific concerns in both Aesthetics as well as Convenience in planning your design. Imagine, only 2 gang boxes around the home of light switches or only single gang 6 or 7 button keypads, helping to limit the wall clutter is also a large part of our designs.

Once we setup your system, changing scenes or times is done simply via our offices, we don’t even need to make a showing at your home/office! We can even integrate your alarm system to flash the outside lights on alarm situations, which alerts your neighbors, as well as makes the home easy to see at night so the authorities can react fast.

We welcome the opportunity to assist you in the design. Working with each other, we can put a number together for you to meet your budget of anywhere from $1,100.00 to maybe $10,000.00 or more, again this would be a process where we would agree upon a design and budget, together!

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