RadioRA 2

Being a part of technology is truly a blessing! This latest addition to Lutron Lighting has totally changed how we are doing things.

Not only does this system cost less, it also does for the most part 85% of the features our Homeworks full house control system system provides!

With these new ways of interfacing we can now make controlling your Lights or Automated Window Treatments or even your HVAC thermostats simple! Control these from your iPhone or iPad easily, check the temperature, then decide to lower the shades to keep the heat inside, and then raise the temperature on your thermostat!

We can help your on the walk through technology and make sure your current with the idea of choices, that you also understand the costs, and we are all sure that the end result, allows for your wants today, but also allows for your choices tomorrow too!

Please ask us for any help you may need with these ideas for your home!

Lutron Home Control+ App
Enjoy complete command of your RadioRA 2 system from your favorite armchair, or favorite vacation spot. The iPad app. automatically displays keypads and devices already in your system and allows you to control them all in real time. A convenient Home Glance screen keeps your favorite keypad and devices in easy reach. The Energy page lets you save energy using the “Green” button. You can even make simple changes to your system’s programming using the new Level Editor feature.
Plug-in Appliance Module
Turn any device on or off from a keypad, sensor, timeclock event, or mobile device with the plug-in appliance module. Save energy by eliminating vampire loads, or add items like plug-in fountains, fans and other devices to your scenes. The module features Lutron’s patented SoftSwitch technology for superior reliability.
Phase-Adaptive Dimmer
Control incandescent, halogen, magnetic low voltage, electronic low voltage and approved dimmable CFL and LED lamps all with one dimmer. The phase adaptive dimmer automatically senses the load type and adjusts to provide the best performance. It’s the closest thing to future-proofing your wallbox.
Green Button
Enact four energy-saving solutions with a single touch using the “Green” button: “Green” trim: Dimmers reduce their output by 5% throughout their range without affecting scene LEDs or the level indicated on the dimmer. “Green” trim can be adjusted up or down based on your preferences. Shades: Lower your shades to reflect the sun’s heat in the summer, or to create an insulating layer to keep heat in during the winter. Appliances: Turn off unneeded appliances to save energy. Temperature (coming soon): Set back your thermostat to reduce heating/cooling costs. Multiple green buttons may be programmed to customize your energy-saving strategy for different times of the year, or the day.
Advanced Radio Power Saver
Sensor Programming

Program your Radio Powr Savr sensors to control a single device or everything in the house. Control lights, shades, and appliances sending each to a unique level when the room is occupied, and to another when the room is vacant.
Shade Toggle
Control a shade or group of shades using a single button. The first press begins opening the shade, the second press stops it, the third press begins closing it, and the fourth stops it again. Keep pressing and the cycle repeats.
Double-Tap A Keypad Button
To Raise/Lower

Select the button you want to raise/lower without activating the scene. Simply double-tap the button, then use the raise/lower buttons to fine-tune the light levels. It’s a great option when controlling individual zones from a tabletop keypad.
Swap Button Configurations
Of Wall-Mounted Keypads

Change the button configuration of wall-mounted keypads after you’ve added them to the project. In the design screen, simply click “edit” and choose the new button kit from the drop-down menu. The software will copy any existing programming to the new buttons.
Smart Room Viewer
Of Wall-Mounted Keypads

Automatically view the room where the keypad you are programming is located. By checking the “follow device location” box on the programming   screen, the software will automatically change the room displayed to match the location of the keypad you select.