Surveillance / Closed Circuit TV

Closed Circuit TV systems have grown over the past 10 years tremendously! The cost of these systems has also come down as well!

The number one issue with equipment pricing is very important to understand, it is VERY true that if it’s a cheap price on something, its is also a cheap piece of equipment as well, meaning that the package systems you can buy online or at your local warehouse distribution centers is a very inexpensive route for some however, if you know of anyone who has purchased these, you also know someone that will tell you that they cannot see a quality picture on playback of their video. Two Issues, 1) Cheap Camera’s with poor Imagery, 2) Cheap DVR that cannot store hi resolution pictures or play them back in the proper format.

Our preference is to install equipment that we have used over the past 26 years, and grown with our manufacturers as new technologies become available. Today the largest jump in technology is IP Camera’s. Utilizing a Hi Res DVR we can record and playback locally or over the internet current views of any of the camera’s or the past 2 weeks or up to 90 days! The issue again is, specifically designing the project upfront and making sure your aware of some of the issues. Meaning that having a camera is never enough, will it help you to view the back of someone’s head or the front view but not definition? If you want to see and recognize people, you need to also understand the type of camera or the location, these things are critical!

Using IP setups, we are able to offer that with a Lan/Network wired appropriately, you can add the camera’s we choose today but also add others in the future easily with the correct design, add these AFTER you move into the home/building and when you now realize the areas of concern!

Analog camera’s also offer a lot in a design, covert devices (Alarm Motion/Camera, Smoke Detector/Camera etc) or day/night camera’s that allow views of color by day and black and white at night.

A number of issues become common based on so many things from cost, to locations, to the view you’re looking for to the aspect of controls from a local guard room or over the internet, again we will need to discuss the correct layout for your needs, rely on us to be aware of the latest technologies to help us pull together a design while meeting your expectations with cost or features or control possibilities.

Here is my Ipad, you can easily add Iphone/Ipad integration since it comes standard!

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