Home Theaters

The transforming of today’s family rooms and bonus rooms to bona-fied Home Theater’s is not only gaining acceptance in the marketplace, it is also a standard aspect in most custom home plans now on the table.

And why not? When you realize that what is possible in the home, can easily rival any of the commercial theaters in your area, including the new `THX’ theater that probably just opened near you. With the addition of automated drapery systems, lighting control, and some of the industry’s most technically advanced components, you can change what may serve as a family room or entertaining room to… with a push of a button… a fully integrated Home Theater.

Click here to check out our photo galleryThe idea of creating a Home Theater may be ideal for some, however, taking a room out of the house and dedicating it to a movie room may not be so appealing to others. The process of utilizing a Home Theater for what it is intended is not the end of a room or area, when you consider the advances in both Interactive CD’s and Video Game technology along with the addition of wet bars and kitchenettes, these rooms also can be used to describe a family room and bonus room. Today you have the capability to create what you expect from a commercial Theater, in your own home, so why not?

Click Here to view a detailed list of components installed in this lovely 8000 square foot home in Everett Washington.

The Latest Technology also means that there is a small learning curve for our clients. Our higher end projects must include a free demonstration of the systems, to specifically limit the learning time for our clients!

A comment from one of our customers:
Daniel – I just wanted to check in with you as I know you guys have been working almost exclusively with my wife Danielle. We just wanted to thank you and your folks for doing a great job on our system. There have been a couple of little things that we’ve worked/are working with you guys on, but overall we love what you’ve done. I fiddled with the lights some last night (figuring out how the dimmer works, and learning to operate them from the remote control) and I also played a bit with the TV (figured out the surround sound). It’s great stuff. I’m looking forward to a good lesson from you or one of your folks at the right time. Thank you very much.

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