Structured Wiring

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In residential applications, we are installing what we refer to as Structured Cabling which also means Television/Telephone/Data jacks. We consider applications or needs of today as well as what issues may arise in the future. Our cabling typically consists of 2 RG6 Quad Shield Coax with 2 Cat5E wires, all in one jacket. We want to allow for distribution of a variety of possibilities from HD Video to High Speed Internet, or even Distributed Audio or possibly remote CCTV Camera’s or just, TBD. What we are talking about is that as you live in your home, there may be a need to add any of these things in your future and I guarantee this wiring allows us to add a TON of things in the future! We have already gone back to many past clients homes and used these wires to do this, and I guarantee that having these cables easily accessed also saved our clients A LOT of money!

So lets consider your needs for today, and make sure we also consider our future needs as well!

This flush plate allows us to figure any combination of plate from our typical single coax F Connector, RJ11 Telephone or a RJ45 Network connection, or any variety we choose!

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