Quality Residential Access Control Security Installation in Everett

Quality Residential Access Control Security Installation in Everett

Access control can be installed in gated communities, apartments, and commercial buildings. The convenience of access control is a great benefit for commercial properties, but it is even better for residential buildings. They allow easy access to residents without the hassle of copying keys and changing locks regularly. Hire our trained technicians from Pro-Comm to work on your access control security installation in Everett.

Types of Access Control Systems

Wireless Access

Wireless access control works through the internet. A router enables the access credential, reader, and control panel to communicate. It is easy to install in buildings post-construction to reduce installation costs.

Video Access

Video access controls work with an access panel and video recording devices. These systems can transfer footage of the visitor to the resident and vice versa. It also comes equipped with an audio system that allows visitors and residents to speak through the door.

Biometric and Facial Recognition

These types of systems use fingerprint and facial data to provide access. Biometric and facial recognition systems are also known as frictionless access control systems. These systems are more expensive and are typically installed in high-risk zones.

Mobile Access

Mobile access involves using a smartphone as a key to unlock doors. The user downloads an app that allows them to access their room. It is safer than having physical keys that can go unsupervised for long periods.


Keypads are common in commercial properties. The control uses a personal identification number or PIN to grant and restrict access. It does come with security risks since access to the PIN can’t be controlled.

Key Fob and Key Cards

This system uses radio frequency identification to identify the device and allow access.

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