Smoke Control & Shaft Pressurization Fire Alarm Installations, Upgrades & Repair Service in Snohomish

When it comes to smoke management systems, you need professionals well-versed in every aspect to ensure a quality installation and other services. Here at Pro-Comm, we offer dependable smoke control & shaft pressurization fire alarm installations, upgrades & repair service in Snohomish so that you can rest assured everything gets done the first time correctly.

What Are Smoke Control Systems?

These systems get integrated into your building’s fire alarm and consist of different parts designed by various engineering disciplines. To install them properly, mechanical experience is necessary to size all HVAC segments of the system. Additionally, electrical expertise is required for powering the systems to guarantee proper operation in a fire emergency.

Shaft Pressurization

Stairwell and elevator hoistway pressurization are other services that we offer, whether you are looking for new installations or upgrades, maintenance, and repair work.

  • Stairwells – This system includes large fans that work to inject fresh air into stairwells. When installed properly, they help keep harmful smoke from hindering the exit of residents/occupants.
  • Elevator Lobbies – These systems may include control doors, elevator lobby doors, or curtains coupled with a shaft relief damper.

Trusted Smoke Control for Tall Buildings

With a tall building, longer evacuation times are usually necessary. They deploy the above methods for helping to mitigate smoke transmission. We can help to ensure that all of your smoke control systems are up and running and that you have the proper connections for your fire alarms for added peace of mind.

For help with smoke control & shaft pressurization fire alarm installations, upgrades & repair service in Snohomish, contact Pro-Comm at (800) 774-9099. We are happy to come out to your property for an assessment and walkthrough; then, we can put together a cost estimate for your project.