Smoke Control

Smoke Control

We cannot stress enough the importance of having working smoke alarm systems in your home or business. A functional alarm system is imperative for working to prevent fire-related deaths. Did you know that statistics show that three out of every five fire deaths in a home were from properties that did not have a working smoke detector? In another study, it shows that just under 40% of the deaths took place where no smoke detector was installed at all.

Instead of setting it and forgetting it, having your smoke alarms inspected and tested is crucial. Pro-Comm is available to install your fire and smoke detectors as part of our monitoring system services. We have detectors that are wired to a control panel that also includes the benefit of a battery backup. Once an alarm activates, our system contacts your home or business. If nobody is home or nobody answers, the local fire department is contacted automatically.


Carbon Monoxide


Because carbon monoxide is a gas that is tasteless, odorless, and colorless, it is challenging to detect. When a person is subjected to carbon monoxide, it can bring on illness, coma, or even death, especially when the gas has the chance to accumulate in a small, enclosed space.

Along with fire alarms and smoke detectors, Pro-Comm is also available to install carbon monoxide detectors in both homes and businesses. You can contact us at your earliest convenience, and we can send out Pro-Comm technicians for your smoke detector or fire alarm inspection or replacement, as well as carbon monoxide detector services.