Sound Masking Installation Service in Mill Creek

When working in an office setting, you want to keep client information confidential. That can be hard if you’re working in a location with multiple clients and employees. However, you can help protect all of the information and conversations no matter the size with our sound masking installation service in Mill Creek. With the experts here at Pro-Comm, we can help.

What Is Sound Masking?

Sound masking adds background noise that will help cancel out any privacy concerns in an office setting. It helps to reduce distractions in the office and keep client information private. It can also help increase comfort levels in the office for everyone involved. This is done by creating an environment that isn’t too quiet but also balanced.

Do You Need Sound Masking?

Locations that need to keep client information and conversations confidential can really benefit from this installation. Offices can also be distracting when there’s nothing to reduce the conversation and noise. This can help do just that. It can also help those who want to create a comfortable environment to increase productivity in their employees.


Talking with one of our highly trained technicians can help you determine if this system is right for you. We will evaluate your commercial setting, discuss the goals and concerns you have, and provide you with an estimate of the design we deem best for your setting. Once you approve, we get to work with expert installation promptly.

For those interested in the benefits of our sound masking installation service in Mill Creek, reach out to our team here at Pro-Comm today. We can be reached by calling (800) 774-9099 for more information.