Structured Cabling Installation in Mill Creek

With the fast pace of work environments today, more businesses are putting increased data applications into their networks – including data, voice, and video. To have the right infrastructure to support all of this communication technology, you need quality structured cabling installation in Mill Creek. We can help here at Pro-Comm!

About Structured Cabling

The structured cabling system makes up just a small portion of your overall network investment. However, it can represent about 80% of the network efficiency. You can also look to it as the foundation for how any organization gets built.

Many of the networks we encounter will run at about 10/100 megabit/second, which is a rather low speed for many network bandwidth applications today. Many of our customers have been upgrading their networks to gigabit, with others considering even higher speeds for the future.

There are plenty of amazing benefits to structured cabling. While the wires are generally hidden behind your walls, the solutions give you benefits for both data centers and businesses alike, including:

  • Less risk of cabling bulk or congestion
  • Supports future upgrades
  • Easier to manage your network
  • Cuts back on the overall install times

About Pro-Comm

At Pro-Comm, we strive to offer our clients better, more efficient designs. We specialize in high-quality installations for all forms of data and voice cabling, including:

  • Category 5e and 6
  • Buried
  • Aerial
  • Fiber-optic
  • and more

We ensure your structured cabling installation is delivered within budget and on time. Our family-owned and operated business has been growing since 1984, and we are always looking to provide the best possible customer service. Look to us for a free consultation and estimate when it is time to plan your structured cabling installation!

Are you interested in upgrades or new structured cabling installation in Mill Creek? Call Pro-Comm at (800) 774-9099 for a consultation.