Teleguard Cellular Communications Devices For Security Systems in Mount Vernon

Protecting your data information at your office or commercial location is essential. It’s also important to know that it goes through when you need an alarm, communicated to the authorities no matter what. That’s why you need a team such as Pro-Comm on your side. We have been in the industry of helping clients with their security technology for years. Our team offers Teleguard cellular communications devices for security systems in Mount Vernon to help you do just that.

When an alarm goes off due to a fire, burglary, or another issue, it typically uses landlines.  What happens when that is cut or is interfered with by an outside source? The alert may not go through. Give yourself and your clients/employees peace of mind by installing the Teleguard cellular communications system to ensure any alarm that is triggered reaches its destination.

These systems use cellular technology instead of the traditional landline to communicate issues with the authorities. That means that no matter what the situation is like, you can rest assured authorities are alerted to the problem and en route.

Our team is here to help you find the suitable devices to install into your commercial location. As not all industries are the same, not all cellular communications are as well. Your certified and licensed tech is here to help.

We’ve got you covered whether you need new installations, updates, repairs, or maintenance. You can rest easy with the peace of mind these new devices bring.

Give the office a call at (800) 774-9099 to discuss options for your Teleguard cellular communications devices for security systems in Mount Vernon. We look forward to assisting you.