Theater Seating Installation

Integral to the experience of home theater is comfort. Intuitive Integration offers custom home theater seating from Acoustic Innovations and Premier Home Theatre Surroundings providing comfort and style for any theater and for any budget.

To truly understand the benefits of home theater seating, one must first understand that all recliners are not alike. In fact, recliners are hardly theater chairs at all. Recliners, even those disguised as theater seating (connected together and equipped with cup holders) are often production built with “one size fits all” mentality. Further, they recline by tilting back and orienting you toward the ceiling卙ardly a comfortable or ergonomic position for extended viewing.

Custom theater seating truly enhances home theater. It starts with a well built chair with the specific purpose of extended viewing in mind. Standard features include extra lumbar support built in to keep your lower back comfortable, slide mechanisms that are easy to operate, whisper quiet motors on electric chairs, and recline mechanisms that keep you viewing the movie rather than the ceiling.

Selecting your personal seating begins with a sit test in our showroom. Considerations may start with style, material (fabric or leather), and color, but that’s just the beginning. Chair width and height determine comfort as well as cushion (foam) density. Custom configurations which optimize sight lines and integrate viewing positions within your theater are designed at this point as well.

Selecting and placing the right theater seating can be as important as the audio and video equipment in terms of your overall enjoyment and theater performance. We will help you do it right.