Avigilon Cameras & Video Surveillance Systems in Lynnwood

Choosing the right camera system for your commercial business can seem overwhelming. There are so many options to choose from and so many that may or may not work for your particular setting. That’s why having someone such as Pro-Comm on your side can help. We provide professional installation, maintenance, and repairs on one of the top systems out there. The Avigilon cameras & video surveillance systems in Lynnwood can make a huge difference in protecting your commercial investment.

Avigilon Options

Avigilon has a great amount to choose from when it comes to camera and surveillance options.  They have various analytics you can add for starters, such as facial recognition, license plate recognition, and focus of attention on their products. You can also count on unusual activity detection with their options. They also provide top-quality products for cameras, surveillance, infrastructure, and management software.

Do you want to make sure that only the allowed personnel access an area? Choose one of the access panel options as well. Industries such as governments, agriculture, banks, and retail have long relied on this company for their security needs.

What We Do

Our team is here as a certified installer of all these types of products. This line is a great option for protecting your products, property, employees, and clients as well. We will evaluate the current layout of the property, discuss your goals, and help find the perfect fit from the many Avigilon products available. You can count on fast response times, quality work, and dependable results with every service call.

Give our team a call today at (800) 774-9099 to learn more about Avigilon cameras & video surveillance systems in Lynnwood. We look forward to assisting you with all your security installation, maintenance, and repair needs.