Access Control

We strive to provide the most current products known to our industry. We utilize products from Key Scan, Northern, Honeywell and for those that are looking for an integrated Security and Access Control, we recommend again Honeywell products.

We are concerned up front to find out exactly what our clients true concerns are with their employees, their offices and their warehouses. We provide expert consultation for our clients to spend the time necessary to assist with coming up with the most cost effective, secure and capable systems, specifically, the right system for the application.

Controlling access throughout an office can consist of card readers or keyfobs for allowing individuals access into or not into specific areas. Loose the need for steal keys and updating the access levels for your employees and have it start working for you. Do some employees deserve access to the front office? Do some employees deserve access to the warehouse? What about only parts of the Warehouse? What about the valuables that can walk out the door?

Consider at a minimum, a free consultation to discuss the real needs!

Basic Slim Line Keypad

Standard Keypad

Proximity Reader for remote keyfobs or cards

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