Telephone / Intercom

As in most areas of electronics, telephones just aren’t what they used to be. Today’s phones are as capable of the same aspects that were common in yesterdays computers. Why? Simple, the control applications with your telephone has created a microprocessor based main `head end’ for your system. The system is performing tasks from typical incoming/outgoing telephone capability, to control features like opening the gate, turning on lights, or even answering your phone calls to faxing information to your office while your out at dinner.

Intercom capabilities may be the largest value in these telephone systems. High cost intercom systems that allow direct station to station calling (in lieu of standard all-call, where every station listens to one) while providing privacy, these are also susceptible to interference from AC hum, and most systems installed today without question suffer from it.

On the other hand, telephone systems offer the same style of station to station and all call features, in addition, when installed with a Pro-Comm multi-room audio system, we provide paging capability throughout your home audio system. Another cost saving provision is that you are not required to purchase `system’ phones to gain the system possibilities, from multiple incoming lines to direct intercom capabilities. Door stations also allow your guests from the front door or maybe even the vehicle gated entry to ring an intercom tone on all house phones (including cordless phones!), thereby allowing your response from any phone on the premise! Multiple incoming phone lines from 3 to 12 are again, accessible from any phone on the premise or programmable not to be! The overall costs of these systems warrant investigations into the possible substitutions for all of your telephone and intercom needs.

Just another integration tool utilized by Pro-Comm to assist our customers in spending more time performing tasks that deserve their time.

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