Security Systems

Another word that in itself is not very definitive, security only describes the intent of protection, much less what the system really is protecting.

Systems can not only range in cost, but more important, is the system really designed to fit your or your familys needs or by the corporate officer they work for? We at Pro-Comm want the system to work for you, protect what you need protected, and at the same time provide a system that is easy to use. Our alarm keypads do not confuse you with massive buttons or tempt you with so many different arming modes. Solid and simple, a process we take to heart. Protection systems are designed from basic systems with provisions that cover your exterior doors, and maybe some interior passive infrared detectors. From this point we begin the definition to a system that meets your needs. Do you have pets? When do you plan on using your system? How would you like to access your system? Cell Phone? iPad?

Will you use your system when you are at home? Are there any specific points of coverage needed? Safes? Rooms? What about Fire Protection? Smoke detectors in the main egress areas, heat detectors to cover `hot spots’ such as furnace rooms, garages, attics. What about Estate protection systems from fence/area protection to proximity alarms? Now lets talk about the application, commercial or residential? Is everyone allowed access? To all protected areas i.e. safes or special rooms? Should we allow the maid to use the system?

How about the gardener, maybe we should just allow them to use a portion of the system, and maybe allow them to only have access on Monday, Wednesday and Friday’s. Should we monitor who is using the system, when they armed the system, when and who disarmed the system last?

Should we go as far as the use of card style access, electronic locking, and motion detection egress? And exactly what type of monitoring should we setup for you, obviously we will send the police or fire departments, but would you like us to also call your pager, mobile phone, neighbors or close by relatives, whatever you want, we’ll make it happen.

If your going to spend the money on a system, lets make it your system. And lets also make the system protect what you determined needs protecting. Let us at Pro-Comm design, installs and provides you with 24 hour monitoring of the system that is really meant for you!


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