We have been apart of the design world since 1984. We have also be doing systems since then as well.

From Commercial Hi Rise applications featuring voice evac systems, to your typical 4 plex unit, we design, install, monitor 24Hr. signals and service these applications every day. Our Systems are designed engineered systems compliant with local and national fire code requirements.

Being aware of the applications of design, you need to rely on the knowledge and expertise of your sub contactors. We have a team of people, ready to serve you in your project.

This is something that we need our clients to be aware of, just coming up with a design is not enough, we also need to draw plans (on board CAD Techs), submit the plans as well as schedule the installation. This is and can be an unknown, but can also easily add up to 6 months of time on a project. Please contact our office asap for beginning to work on this building requiment.

An important part to any Fire Alarm system is the 24Hr. UL Listed Central Station, Monitoring Station. We perform this service and offer to you, all the current directions of meeting the local codes with hardwired, or wireless technologies.

Our Wireless technology is new and on the forefront of not only meeting the local requirements, but more importantly, saving our clients money!

Again, please contact us asap to help with your project, together we can pull off a great package, while saving you money too!

Please CLICK HERE TO EMAIL US or our office at 800.774.9099 and touch #0 the receptions will route your call accordingly