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Things you can do to Prevent False Alarms
– Know your code number for disarming.
– Know your password and call the Central Station to cancel a false alarm at 1-800-752-2490.
– Contain your pets and do not allow balloons or other moving decorations in motion detector coverage areas.
– Secure all doors and windows prior to arming.
– Train users of the system on it’s use and what to do /expect if they cause a false alarm.
– Motion detector upgrades.
– Replace older systems with newer or more stable ones.
– Annual maintenance service visits.
– Replace your alarm panel battery (every 4 years).

Private Response VS Police Dispatch
The new Seattle ordinance has become a concern for our customers because of the false alarm fines the City has imposed on residents of Seattle.

We have researched to find some practical ways to provide you with the best service available and cut the false alarm fines by 62%. Private response is a great solution to this problem. We have contracted with a private response company to offer this option to our customers. Above are some tips for you to prevent false alarms. Also see our “Avoiding False Alarm” web page.

Call Lindy @ 425-774-9099 ext 128 today to setup Private Response for your home or business.

Answers to some frequently asked Questions?
1. You would still be required to register with the City incase an actual burglary took place.
2. Your False Alarm Fine would be $60.00 per incident verses $156.25
3. Our Private Response Company hires the highest quality of officers that have been through extensive training and certification.
4. This is a pay as you go service. There is no pre-payment or monthly service charge and you may cancel at any time.
5. Private guards respond and inspect your home or business. If there are any indications of a burglary they call the Police Department and report the incident.
6. Private Response time, is typically under (30) thirty minutes.