Distributed Antenna Systems

Distributed Antenna Systems Lake StevensDistributed Antenna Systems

When it comes to your need for DAS or distributed antenna systems in Lake Stevens, you can trust that our team at Pro-Comm has you covered. Not only do we provide professional DAS installation, but you can also get in touch with us when you need scheduled service or repairs. We can offer everything that your business might need to ensure a system that runs smoothly, such as commissioning, design, engineering, testing, data collection, and benchmarking.


1st Responder Radio System

A distributed antenna system, when contrast with a construction comprised of a single-pole antenna, is an excellent way to better distribute your wireless connections throughout your large building. This is exceptionally beneficial if you have a construction that includes layers of concrete surrounding steel columns, which are known for the interference of wireless signals.

When you have a DAS installation, you get to enjoy the elimination of dead zones by working on routing your radio frequency signals via fiber optic cabling or copper stemming from a base station to numerous antennas throughout your building. To put it simply, the DAS makes it easier for communication radios, cellular phones, and other wireless devices to operate without issue while inside a building where they would normally be drowned out. Many locations throughout the United States have been putting this technology to good use, including several that are now making this code for compliance.

Once installed properly, DAS not only helps in emergencies, but it also allows employees to be more efficient and productive through lost time minimization and cutting back on the potential loss of revenue that poor wireless connection may bring.


In-Building Cell Boosters

While inside a building, roughly 80% of phone calls either begin or end. If you have a DAS system, you get to add value to your property as a business owner. This allows your tenants as well as your employees to feel confident that their mobile devices stay connected when in use. When it comes to in-building cell boosters, Pro-Comm can explain to you that your DAS can support multiple carriers, and you also can prolong the battery life of your phone. With the right design, you could also enjoy significant savings on your future infrastructure costs.

To learn more about distributed antenna systems and how it can benefit your company, please get in touch with us at Pro-Comm. A member of our team will be able to go over all of the details with you and set up a time for a consultation.