MD Vacuum Central Vacuum System in Lake Stevens

We all like to ensure our homes are clean and comfortable, but nobody likes toting around a heavy, awkward vacuum cleaner to get the job done. A great alternative to a traditional portable vacuum is a central vacuum cleaner. When you want to know more about installing an MD Vacuum central vacuum system in Lake Stevens and all of the benefits, Pro-Comm is here to help.

Why Not Use a Traditional Vacuum?

While portable vacuums can get the job done, they have many downsides. They can be tedious when you have to bring them from room to room, especially when you need to go up and down stairs. They also are noisy when turned on, and they can recirculate allergens and dust as you go.

Central Vacuum Cleaners for the Win!

A great way to get your home clean without the fuss of a traditional vacuum is a central vacuum system like MD Central Vacuum offers. Just a few of the benefits include:

  • Easy to use – No longer will you need to drag a heavy vacuum through your home. All you need to do is attach your desired accessory and begin cleaning.
  • Cleaner air – Central vacuum systems will not recirculate the exhaust air loaded with allergens and dust into the air. All of the debris you pick up gets pulled into the tubing into the wall and then your central receptacle.
  • Less noise – Portable vacuums can be annoying, but central vacuum systems operate in silence. The motor is located in another part of the home such as the basement or garage, so you do not hear it.

MD Central Vacuum offers systems designed and assembled right in the United States. Keep your home cleaner and healthier with an installation from Pro-Comm!

If installing an MD Vacuum central vacuum system in Lake Stevens is on your to-do list, call Pro-Comm for a consultation at (800) 774-9099.