Multi-Room Audio

The high quality of audio systems in today’s luxury cars has been long over due, in addition, have assisted in the justification of creating a similar standard in home audio.

Those who purchase hi-end audio components do so with the expectation of creating a listening room that, as close as possible, reproduces live recordings. While we cannot really give you the spec’s demanded in a recording studio, we can provide you with a tastefully designed system that gives you the illusion of reality!

With the introduction of digital technology to audio components, not only have the quality standards risen, control possibilities over those applications have also increased. Imagine an entertainment situation, at your home. As your guests arrive, the sounds of your favorite jazz selection welcomes them while you move from the foyer to the family room. In conversation you decide to change the atmosphere a little and reach over to the keypad on the wall and select the next CD (which happens to be classical) your friends now inquire as to what your customized audio system designed and installed by Pro-Comm is all about. Here you show them how you can control a variety of features on your sound system by touching a specified button, volume, inputs, CD choices and more. You direct them to the living room where they notice Jazz is again upon them. Noticing their confusion, you mention you only determined to change the audio to classic in the family room! Entering the bonus room they witness your kids involved in a game, while tuned in to their choice of music.

Approaching the keypad, or in turning the bonus room TV on, they again notice a change in the audio system, as the volume slowly rises to now apparently be following the TV show. `Where is it all controlled?’ they ask, while following you to the den, here you slide open your storage area revealing a completely racked system of audio and visual components, your friends respond with ….wow….

Flush mounted Speaker,
Clean Applications

Can you see the ‘invisible’ Speakers here? This allows us to locate the speakers to where your sitting providing optimum sound without the view of seeing the actual speakers!

The Latest Technology also means that there is a small learning curve for our clients. Our higher end projects must include a free demonstration of the systems, to specifically limit the learning time for our clients!

A comment from one of our customers:
We just wanted to thank you and your folks for doing a great job on our system. There have been a couple of little things that we’ve worked/are working with you guys on, but overall we love what you’ve done. I fiddled with the lights some last night (figuring out how the dimmer works, and learning to operate them from the remote control) and I also played a bit with the TV (figured out the surround sound). It’s great stuff. I’m looking forward to a good lesson from you or one of your folks at the right time. Thank you very much.

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