Upgraded Telephone System Networking & Installation in Edmonds

Upgraded Telephone System Networking & Installation in Edmonds

When was the last time you upgraded your office’s telephone and intercom systems? Chances are, it’s been a while, and you could be missing out on some of the best new features this technology offers. At Pro-Comm, we make it easy to upgrade with our telephone system networking & installation in Edmonds.

The Value of an Upgraded Telephone System

Modern office telephone and intercom systems are much more advanced than their predecessors. With them, you can automatically forward a call, send faxes remotely, and even turn off and on the lights in your building.

Upgraded intercom systems are also very advanced now. You can use them to communicate directly with a single listener instead of having to send your message to the entire office.

Plus, with a new intercom system, you’ll likely be able to automatically filter out unwanted background noise like the hum of an AC system. This can make it much easier to deliver messages through the system clearly.

Pro-Comm Can Help

If you think your telephone and intercom system could use an upgrade, look no further than Pro-Comm. We have years of experience helping companies of all sizes and needs. We’d love to leverage that to help you achieve the goals that you have for your telephone system – regardless of what those may be.

The bottom line is that if you need telephone system networking & installation in Edmonds, you can count on us to get the job done the right way. You can begin the process by giving us a call today.

Professional Communications Systems Installation in Redmond

Professional Communications Systems Installation in Redmond

Your business needs to have a reliable communication infrastructure to achieve its potential. Whether you run a hospital or a warehouse, professional communications systems installation in Redmond can do a lot to help your company thrive.

If you’d like to expand your business’s communication capabilities, Pro-Comm can help. We offer various hardware and software installations that can take your communication infrastructure to the next level.

Learn more about what we can do for your business:

Advanced Communications for Your Business

Our skilled team has years of experience in the installation of every significant kind of business-focused communication system. We can help your company with:

  • Computer systems
  • CCTV
  • Telephone systems
  • Intercom, paging, and loudspeaker systems
  • Audiovisual systems
  • 2-Way elevator communication
  • And more

Whether you’re hoping to improve your computer network’s interconnectivity or want to install an intercom system that will help you stay in touch with employees throughout your warehouse, we can help.

That being said, it’s not always clear precisely what communication upgrade your company may need to start hitting its goals. Contact us for a recommendation if you’re unsure what additions your business needs.

Choose Pro-Comm

We have years of experience working with many different communications systems, and we’d love to leverage that expertise to help you reach your goals.

When you’re ready for communications systems installation in Redmond, choose Pro-Comm. We offer all the services you need, and our skilled technicians can support you regardless of the upgrades you’re interested in. Take the first step by giving us a call today.

What To Know About Security Alarm Monitoring Service In Marysville

What To Know About Security Alarm Monitoring Service In Marysville

If you install a security alarm in your building, you’ll also need a security alarm monitoring service in Marysville. Otherwise, you may capture security breaches on film, but you often won’t be able to respond to them before the damage is done.

At Pro-Comm, we take security as seriously as you do. We offer 24/7 alarm monitoring services to give you the peace of mind you’re looking for. Please keep reading to learn more about how we can help.

The Value of Alarm Monitoring

Security alarm systems can be complex, and they can be simple. Yours may have many different customizations in place based on what you know about your business. 

But all of this can also make it difficult for you to stay on top of everything that’s going on with your system while continuing to run your company. This could create a scenario where you miss something important about your alarm system, such as a malfunction, which makes you vulnerable to a security breach.

Alarm monitoring from a professional company like Pro-Comm is the antidote to this problem. With our service, you’ll have complete confidence that your security system is being watched over by people who know how to respond to every potential situation. And if something goes wrong with your system, we’ll tell you (and fix it for you) as soon as it does.

The bottom line is that installing a security alarm is just one step in securing your building. It would help if you still had someone dedicated to watching that alarm system to ensure that it’s giving you all the protection you need.

With Pro-Comm’s security alarm monitoring service in Marysville. You get everything you need to have peace of mind. Give us a call to learn more about how we can help.

Set Any Mood with Automated Lighting Installations from Pro-Comm Professional Technicians!

Set Any Mood with Automated Lighting Installations from Pro-Comm Professional Technicians!

Lighting sets the mood for so many events. For that romantic evening with your spouse, you want the lights dimmed low to set a sultry, intimate tone. For an elegant dinner party, complete with formal wear, you want a twinkling glow that accentuates the best of everyone’s beautiful features. For playtime with the kiddos, you want brightness that lets them see what to build and where to craft. All of these scenarios, and hundreds of others, are made all the better and more magical with Pro-Comm’s automated lighting installation services in Bothell.

We offer a superior lighting system that you can control with the ease of the touch of a button and a smart device. You can turn any scenario into perfection in seconds. Dim the lights, brighten the lights, illuminate the best of a moment, or shut everything down to get a good night’s sleep. It’s all possible with our installation services.

We at Pro-Comm are comprised of tech-savvy electricians and professional, reliable technicians, all working in tandem to help you bolster the ambiance of your home. Did you know that automated lighting systems could be used to ward off would-be thieves and vandals? We can sync your lighting system to your security system, meaning your outdoor lights would flash brightly, many times, to deter intruders and alert your neighbors to possible dangers.

Communicate with Us About What You Want!

After reading up on automated lighting installations, you probably have a few questions and some idea of what you want. Let us know! Give us the ins and outs of your ideas, and we will see if we can make those dreams into realities.

Prices are estimated on a per-client basis. We at Pro-Comm will strive to work with your budget, so let us know the expenses you are willing to spend on automated lighting installation services in Bothell. Call us at (800) 774-9099.

Is Pro-Comm Available for Security System Installation in Bellevue?

Is Pro-Comm Available for Security System Installation in Bellevue?

Both residential and commercial properties require some level of reliable security system installation in Bellevue (or wherever you happen to be located). The best security systems offer a sense of safety and peace of mind while also giving you a sense of comfort and confidence. You should FEEL safe in your own home or business, and we at Pro-Comm want to offer that to you.

Being protective and having protection are two different components of the same intent. Security systems are designed to protect because you want to protect your family, friends, roommates, and employees as a business owner or homeowner. You also want to give yourself a feeling of security and safety, especially if you work or live alone.

Security systems can be as complex and comprehensive as you need them to be. For instance, everything can be done remotely. This means you don’t have to be at your home or business to see what’s happening there. Many business owners and homeowners opt for video and audio surveillance systems in addition to coded entries and specialized guest lists with motion detectors, intruder detections, and proximity alarms.

In other words, no one goes in or out unless you say they can.

Are There Different Kinds of Security Systems?

Yes! Security systems aren’t linear. There’s not a one-size-fits-all option for security for homes and businesses. In most cases, we at Pro-Comm can send our technicians to inspect and scan your property, listen to your expectations and requirements, then suggest a security system that best suits your needs. We strive to accommodate, and your security system should meet your specifications.

For more information about Pro-Comm’s reliable services, like security system installation in Bellevue, you can call us at (800) 774-9099. Our experienced technicians are happy to answer any questions you may have about the security process.

Efficient Automation Integration & Networking Service in Renton

Efficient Automation Integration & Networking Service in Renton

Need to scale your network infrastructure? Pro-Comm offers a convenient solution through our automation integration & networking service in Renton.

Automated integration can help bring efficiency to your processes and help reduce workload significantly. How? Let’s take a look:

What Is Automation Integration and Networking?

It is a process that involves automation of the setup, configuration, and management processes involved in your IT infrastructure. With the help of automated processes, you are no longer required to configure routers, load balancers, or manage networks manually.

How Does It Benefit Organizations?

#1. The automation process works by creating repeatable instructions and processes. Once the system learns these tasks, it requires little to no human assistance to execute these processes.

#2. With reduced input from human resources, there are also fewer errors.

#3. An automated system can keep up with the constantly changing requirements of the workload in the industry, thus ensuring a more flexible functionality.

#4. An automated system improves your infrastructure’s responses, updates, and reliability. You not only get a fast system but one that can detect errors and alert you before the error occurs.

#5. You no longer have to document changes in network configurations manually. System automation allows your staff to prioritize other tasks and become more productive.

#6. Your organization can continue to function normally as your network infrastructure receives upgrades. With the automation integration, scaling is an easy task completed with no downtime.

Why Choose Pro-Comm?

  • Years of experience
  • Licensed technicians
  • Troubleshooting assistance

If you’re looking for more information on our automation integration & networking service in Renton, then reach out to our team at Pro-Comm. We are available at (800) 774-9099.

Create Unmatched Hospitality Services With Hotel Amenities Technology Installation in Lake Stevens

Create Unmatched Hospitality Services With Hotel Amenities Technology Installation in Lake Stevens

Want to give your clients an incredible hotel experience? You need to give Pro-Comm a call to learn more about our hotel amenities technology installation in Lake Stevens today!

Hotel amenities are developing at a rapid pace. New and smarter technologies are now a part of people’s everyday lives, and they want the same from their vacations. It’s time you also upgrade your hotel with the latest amenities. 

Must-Haves for Your Hotel Room Amenities

Streaming Capability

Binge-watching is now an everyday practice for most of us. Even on vacation, people do not want to miss the latest episode. So being able to access their OTT accounts from your hotel is important. And nothing is better than a large screen TV that allows you to stream your favorite shows from your personal accounts.


Power outlets are nothing new, but their need has increased in the last few years. Even on vacation, people would want to have reliable outlets so they can work if needed. That includes having more outlets to charge their various devices with USB and other trending port styles.


A good Wi-Fi connection is the most basic amenities, and free internet access means happy reviews.

There are several other hotel amenities that guests often ask for, but the ones listed here are a few they will surely notice. Pro-Comm can give you what you need for hotel amenities technology installation in Lake Stevens. We can help you understand the latest amenities, their requirements, and how you can integrate them all within your workable budget. For more information on our services, reach us at (800) 774-9099.

Reliable Communications Systems Installation in Edmonds 

Reliable Communications Systems Installation in Edmonds 

Improve your organization’s efficiency by opting for top-of-the-line communications systems installation in Edmonds from Pro-Comm. Our skilled team can help install and repair your communications systems infrastructure and help you maintain it for long-term proficiency.

Communications systems may involve both one-way and two-way communication devices. These include telephone, CCTV, intercom, TV cable, computer, mobile, audio/visual devices, paging and loudspeaker systems, and more. These devices should be installed effectively at the communication system set-up stage itself to save you from future hassles and make your daily business operations run smoothly.

Let’s take a look at some factors you should consider to make your communication systems productive and long-lasting:

Tips for An Effective Communication System Set-Up

  • Please take into account the systems you are using currently, whether they are being optimally used, and which of those can be upgraded.
  • Note down your expectations from your communications infrastructure, and check whether your current infrastructure meets these requirements.
  • Look for business operations that are being slowed down due to a communication system issue.
  • Ensure that the employees and/or customers who will be using one or more of these systems can understand and use them.
  • Plan your system to be easily upgraded/scaled, and additions can be made without affecting your operations.

You want a communications system that ensures long-term efficacy and doesn’t need to be constantly upgraded. Upgrades are expensive, time-consuming, and can even delay your business operations. 

Would you like a professional consult for these decisions to get more clarity? Our team at Pro-Comm is well-equipped to handle your communications systems installation and management. We can also help you set up a customized infrastructure designed for your unique needs.

Want to know more about our communications systems installation in Edmonds? Call us at (800) 774-9099

Equip Your Home With a Security Alarm Monitoring Service in Marysville Today

Equip Your Home With a Security Alarm Monitoring Service in Marysville Today

Peace of mind is something you want and need as a homeowner. Do you want to boost your home’s security systems? Get a security alarm monitoring service in Marysville with Pro-Comm.

What Does an Alarm Monitoring System Do?

An alarm monitoring service is an addition to your alarm systems. The service connects your alarm systems to the central station of the service provider.

Every time there is an emergency registered with your home’s control panel, the central station also gets alerted. In this way, authorities can be notified on time and without any extra effort on your part.

The central control panel connects to a network of sensors on doors, windows, telephone boxes, and more.

Benefits of Alarm Monitoring

24/7 Monitoring

What is the first thing you should do when a fire breaks out in the house?

You protect yourself and your family by getting out of the house. Then you think of calling the authorities. But what if it’s a security breach or an incidence of burglary?

That’s when you need 24/7 monitoring the most.

Remote Monitoring

With alarm monitoring, both you and your service provider can keep an eye on the property when you’re away.

You can check whether an alarm went off because of an incidence of a break-in or if it was a false alarm.

Professional Solution

A professional is equipped to keep an eye out for emergencies and respond to them appropriately. A monitoring system will be alerted about the type of danger your home faces. The professional who is monitoring the system can then contact the homeowners or the authorities.

Our customer service team at Pro-Comm can discuss the service with you in detail. To know more about our security alarm monitoring service in Marysville, contact us at (800) 774-9099 today.

Quality Residential Access Control Security Installation in Everett

Quality Residential Access Control Security Installation in Everett

Access control can be installed in gated communities, apartments, and commercial buildings. The convenience of access control is a great benefit for commercial properties, but it is even better for residential buildings. They allow easy access to residents without the hassle of copying keys and changing locks regularly. Hire our trained technicians from Pro-Comm to work on your access control security installation in Everett.

Types of Access Control Systems

Wireless Access

Wireless access control works through the internet. A router enables the access credential, reader, and control panel to communicate. It is easy to install in buildings post-construction to reduce installation costs.

Video Access

Video access controls work with an access panel and video recording devices. These systems can transfer footage of the visitor to the resident and vice versa. It also comes equipped with an audio system that allows visitors and residents to speak through the door.

Biometric and Facial Recognition

These types of systems use fingerprint and facial data to provide access. Biometric and facial recognition systems are also known as frictionless access control systems. These systems are more expensive and are typically installed in high-risk zones.

Mobile Access

Mobile access involves using a smartphone as a key to unlock doors. The user downloads an app that allows them to access their room. It is safer than having physical keys that can go unsupervised for long periods.


Keypads are common in commercial properties. The control uses a personal identification number or PIN to grant and restrict access. It does come with security risks since access to the PIN can’t be controlled.

Key Fob and Key Cards

This system uses radio frequency identification to identify the device and allow access.

Pro-Comm provides quality service for your access control security installation in Everett. Don’t compromise on your security anymore; call us at (800) 774-9099 today!